UPVC window repair & maintenance tips

UPVC-WINDOWSDamaging a UPVC window is not hard at all!  One of the most common causes is accidentally dropping something on the window or leaning the ladder against it. When this happens, most people will consider the best solution to replace the window frame rather than try repairing it on their own. The truth is that UPVC window repair is much easier than it looks.

UPVC window Benefits 

Un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or uPVC has become a trendy option among double glazing window installation companies. It presents many benefits compared to other alternatives such as aluminum, timber, and hardwoods.

Maintenance: UPVC windows are long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Durability: UPVC materials do not degrade easily compared to other window frame materials.

Attractive: New windows will appeal to buyers and may even increase the value of your home.

Low cost: In comparison to other window frame types like wood, uPVC is a cheaper option.

Security: UPVC windows are very secure due to the materials’ hardness, making them the second-best option after aluminum windows.

Insulation: When it comes to insulation, UPVC windows are considered by far the best available option for their ability to keep the heat in and sound out.

Environment Friendly: As UPVC windows are made from recyclable materials, they are also environmentally friendly.

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Why You Should Not Replace

  • UPVC window repair is cost-effective, straightforward, and can be done at a significantly lower cost.
  • Replacing a UPVC window takes more time, and the cost is significantly higher.
  • Window replacement is more difficult and requires technical knowledge.

UPVC Window Repair & Maintenance Tips

Fixing the handle


If only one side of the window is stuck, it can be easily solved by replacing the handle.


Step 1: Use a flat bar, like a pallet knife, to lift the handle by placing it between the gap of the frame and the window.upvc window repair

Step 2: Next, apply a little pressure on the top and try to open it. If this does not work, try it from the opposite facet.

Step 3: Alternatively, remove the glass from the frame by using a tool to remove the beading that holds the glass frame.

Step 4: You will find a packet at the other ends of the glass, pull it out, and slightly incline it up and down, as this may release them from the locking point.

Easy Clean Hinges

Easy Clean Hinges are great options because they make cleaning the exterior part of your window from inside. You slide the glazing towards the middle of the frame after opening the window to 90 degrees. Another great option for easy clean is the Tilt and Turn window. Tilting the window inwards from beneath makes it very easy to clean the window’s exterior from inside.

Lubricate Hinges Regularly

It is essential to keep every moving part of your doors and windows well lubricated. The performance of your uPVC windows depends on how well you maintain its uncovered metal parts. WD-40 suits this case best. Even though modern doors and windows rarely get rusted hinges, the WD-40 does a great job at getting rid of rust if it ever appears.

Need to repair your windows ? We can help!    Find a Window Fitter

Cleaning the UPVC window frame

It is recommended that you get your UPVC window frames cleaned two times a year. It becomes less and less arduous the more you do it. Begin by opening the windows and using an old paintbrush to brush off dirt, cobwebs, and dust. Then remove them totally with the aid of the hose on a vacuum cleaner.

Wipe the UPVC window frames down with a soft white cloth that has been soaked in a mixture of warm water and liquid soap. Pay more attention to the corners where the outer frame holds the window in.

Be sure not to use a colored cloth to avoid getting dye stains on the plastic window. Also, try not to use any harsh creams, sponges, abrasive cloths, or chemical cleaners.

For stubborn stains, use a good solvent PVC cleaner. It’s available at any local hardware shop around you but when using it, make sure you avoid applying it to the silicone seals, so they don’t start to lift away.

Cleaning the glass

Before you start the process of cleaning your UPVC windows, try removing the excess dirt on the glass with a damp cloth, and don’t clean it in direct sunlight to avoid a streaky finish. It is ideal for you to clean your window at least four to eight times every year.

  • You can opt for e-clothes if you don’t want to use cleaning products – a pack of e-clothes contains two cloths, you clean with one and dry with the other to give a great shine (for glass)
  • If you feel a glass cleaner serves you better, get one that doesn’t smear and use it directly on the glass.
  • Make use of good quality cloth and won’t fill the window with fibers to get the cleaner into all edges.
  • Afterward, give the glass a perfect shine with a dry and clean microfiber cloth. You can make glass cleaners at home, too but make sure it cannot affect the uPVC.

More tips:

  • Ensure your UPVS windows are maintained properly so that you avoid unnecessary window repairs.
  • Clean and oil external-moving parts annually.
  • Check and remove any obstruction from drain holes if blocked.
  • When necessary, replace several parts such as handles, locks, and hinges, 0r window glass.
  • Regular window cleaning with soap and water can also help reduce the need for repair.
  • Use diluted bleach to remove any hard stains.

Is DIY possible, or do I need to hire a professional fitter?

If you feel your uPVC window repair is beyond your capabilities, then you should hire a window fitter to fix it. Whilst it may cost more than a DIY repair, it could prove cost-efficient in the long run as they will have the skills and experience to do the job effectively, and it should hopefully last a long time.

To find a fitter, your first port of call should be family and friends. See if any of them have a good recommendation, as word of mouth is one of the best ways of finding a great, trustworthy tradesperson. If not, request a quote from our website to find a local window fitter in your area. If the damage is extensive and involves a lot of repair work (and therefore cost), it may be worth asking for a list of references to check your window fitters’ credentials.

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