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Wooden Windows Cost, How Much Do Wooden Windows Cost?

Wooden window frames look great, insulate your home and are available in a wide variety of styles – find out more here.


When choosing what material you want to use for your window frames, you will need something that will give you the best value for your money and have a long life span, which can buy wooden window frames in various types such as mahogany and maple. Each type of wood will look different, so it is important to consider it carefully before buying.

Unlike cheaper uPVC models, wooden windows offer an elegant, more traditional look to your house that blends naturally with older brickwork. To help you budget for new wooden windows, we have created a detailed price guide listing the wooden window cost for each type (or part) in addition to different labor prices.

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Who are wooden windows suitable for?

Wooden double glazed windows are most suitable for:

  • Traditional-style houses.
  • Homes with older style brickwork.

They are also suitable for homeowners looking to install double-glazing that:

  • Looks natural
  • Provides good insulation.
  • Is environmentally friendly (renewable materials)

Double glazed wooden windows are suitable for homeowners looking for:

  • Modern style windows.
  • Cheap double glazing windows.
  • Low maintenance windows.
  • Replacement windows to match other properties styles.

Wooden Windows Frame Cost

Purchasing your panel and frame separately is a smart way of preserving a little cash, especially if you’re prepared to shop around to discover the best price. Wooden windows frame prices will change in line with the size of the frame, but for a 2300x1200mm hardwood window frame, the cost comes around to (with room for 4 panels) £630; that’s £157 per panel! (

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How much do wooden sash windows cost?

Sash windows are made up of one or more vertically sliding panels. To many homeowners, sash windows might look too old-fashioned, as they are used to seeing them in old homes. However, sash windows are also a great option for new build properties, as they can easily match the style of the surrounding building. Timber sliding windows are now constructed according to the latest standards, and many manufacturers add a little charm and character by keeping the traditional style of Victorian windows.

 Sash windows prices 
800-900 £350 £360 £370 £380 £390 £400 £425 £475
900-1000 £360 £370 £380 £390 £400 £425 £450 £500
1001-1100 £370 £380 £390 £400 £425 £450 £465 £520
1101-1200 £380 £390 £400 £425 £450 £465 £495 £550
1201-1300 £390 £400 £425 £450 £465 £490 £515 £565
1301-1400 £400 £425 £450 £465 £490 £515 £525 £575
1401-1500 £425 £450 £465 £490 £515 £525 £555 £605
1501-1600 £450 £500 £510 £515 £525 £555 £585 £635
1601-1700 £500 £510 £520 £525 £555 £585 £600 £650
1701-1800 £510 £520 £545 £555 £585 £600 £625 £675
1801-1900 £520 £545 £555 £585 £600 £625 £650 £700
1901-2000 £545 £555 £585 £600 £625 £650 £675 £725
2000+ £555 £585 £600 £625 £650 £675 £700 £750

Wooden Double Glazed Windows Cost

Wooden double windows (timber windows) are a popular option in the UK for traditional-looking homes. New double glazed windows can help keep your property warm during the cold winters as wood frames are good insulators, and when they are maintained properly, they can last for a long time. There is also the option of choosing oak, softwood, and hardwood.

Even though wooden widows have many benefits and are considered the best-looking type of windows, many homeowners now opt for wood effect uPVC windows, requiring less maintenance. They can also easily match the look of the property.

Type of wooden window
Average cost for 2 windows
Average cost for 9 windows
Average cost for 15 windows
Timber casement
£1,200 – £1,400
£5,550 – £6,200
£9,450 – £10,120
Timber sash
£2,050 – £2,750
£7,700 – £11,500
£12,350 – £15,950

For an average-sized single bedroom window of 1200x1200mm, a typical wooden double glazed window unit (including all-glass panes) will cost around £425 to £500. 

For a single glass panel using a wooden-frame 630-650 x 1050-1200mm design, be prepared to pay between £216 – £250 (

Wooden Windows Replacement Cost

hardwood windows costWhile it might be tempting to save money here and just DIY the whole window replacement job yourself, installing new wooden windows (panes, models, or otherwise) can be a lengthy and complex process, and unless you have practice in the specialty, you may be best off leaving things to a professional.

Obviously, the cost of wooden windows installation will depend on the type of wood you choose (oak frequently being the cheapest, darker hardwoods such as mahogany or maple being along the pricier end of the scale). Most will still come with a ten to fifteen-year warranty and last well beyond that – creating this new investment in windows with aesthetic appeal more than rewarding.

The benefits of wooden window frames

There are several benefits to choosing wooden window frames over other materials such as uPVC or metal. Wooden window frames are:

Attractive: Wooden window frames look great in any home and particularly suit older homes and period properties.

Tailored look: You can tailor your wooden window frames to match your home’s style by choosing from various wood types such as oak, mahogany, or maple, which each achieve a different look.

Environmentally friendly: As a natural material, wooden window frames are automatically more eco-friendly than artificial options such as metal or uPVC, especially if the wood is sustainably sourced, meaning that trees are replanted to replace timber. You can also choose to use reclaimed timber to make your wooden window frames more eco-friendly.

Good insulators: Wood is a naturally insulating material, which means that wooden window frames help to retain heat within your home, which will, in turn, lower your household carbon emissions, keep your home warm and reduce your fuel bills.

Long-lasting: If properly maintained, wooden window frames can last a lifetime and resist wear and tear well.

Wide range: Wooden double glazing comes in many different styles and elegant designs, making it easier for homeowners to find what they are looking for.

Environmentally friendly: Wood is a natural energy material, making timber windows an excellent option to protect the environment.

Property value: The many advantages of timber windows make them an excellent investment if you like to increase the value of your property as they appeal more to potential house buyers.

Window Casement Cost

So now you know the advantages of installing wooden window frames, but how do materials affect the cost? Fortunately, there are several types of wood you can choose from that vary widely in price, making the material more readily available to many homeowners.

The table below shows the leading wooden / timber casement windows:

Window company The wooden casement product range Type of glazing Energy efficiency rating
Anglian Timber Modern Casement Double glazing A
Quickslide Casement Double glazing A

The style you choose may depend on taste; it may depend on a budget, but either way, nearly all of these wooden variants have the benefits listed above. So you can opt for the cheapest design without feeling short-changed. Here is a quick list to give you an idea of the cost and qualities of each type of wood available:

Mahogany: Mahogany wood is usually sourced from Brazil and the tropics; it is of a tight, close grain that prevents heat loss and varies in color from a reddish-brown to warming greys, making for a cozy and exotic look in your home. Having an average three-bedroom home’s windows re-fitted with mahogany would usually cost between £3,000 and £7,000.

Oak: Although white oak can be sourced from the US, the UK option is generally considered superior; oak is famous for its durability, hardness, and strength, although it has been known to corrode metal, so it should use only zinc-coated fasteners for openers. Oak can be found as anything between a deep gold to pale brown and offers a cool and natural look to your home that costs anywhere between £5,000 and £15,000, depending on the quality of the wood.

Teak – Teak is usually sourced from South-East Asia and, thanks to a thin coating of natural oils, is extremely durable and weatherproof. These oils also result in the wood emitting a faint but discernible aroma not unpleasant to those looking for an exotic, earthly feel to their home. The wood comes in a range of heavy reds and browns and can be quite expensive – refitting the average home costing anywhere between £10,000 and £16,000.

Maple – traditionally associated with Canada, is strong and durable and resists water damage by a natural aversion to warping. It is used to damp and mild climates – perfect for the UK then! It usually comes in various light creams and whites, creating a cool and breezy aura about the home. It is, however, quite expensive to refit your windows with, ranging from £16,000 to £22,000 depending on the quality of wood and size of the property.

Wooden  Windows Repairs

Do your windows need repairing?

wooden window repairsThere are many potential enemies to your windows. An overzealous cricket game in your neighbor’s garden or perhaps an intruder who has smashed the glass. If your windows are fairly new and they suffer a cracked pane, the repair is likely the best option; if your windows are old, though, a crack could be the perfect opportunity to splash out on a window replacement to improve your homes’ safety and energy efficiency.

The cost of window repairs can vary from place to place. Depending on the quality of service and the sort of glass and frame you invest in, bills can run as high as £600. Due to the cost, it is worth shopping around and comparing window frame quotes from professional window fitters before you commit to your window replacement. Always hire a certified window installation professional for your window replacement so that you don’t run up further bills if anything were to go wrong.

 Don’t put off window repairs.

No matter how tempting it is to replace your windows with brand new ones, repairing them is often better value for money unless your windows are near the end of their lifespan. Very rarely do homeowners have money saved for just such an occasion as replacing their windows, so it could be that repair is your only option. Who should repair it as soon as possible to preserve the safety of your home and to prevent your heating bills from skyrocketing? A pane of glass is not as costly to be repaired or fitted as a whole window frame and can cost between £50 and £100.

Wooden Windows Maintenance

Bear in mind that wooden window frames require weatherproofing to keep them in good condition. Regular repainting or staining will keep your wooden frames looking good and able to resist the elements.

Cleaning wooden window frames

Dirty wooden window frames instantly transform the most stylish homes into drab, dreary, and unloved properties. Follow these few simple steps to keep your wooden window frames clean and sparkling:

  • First of all, you will need to get rid of any large pieces of debris from around or inside your windows.
  • Then you will need to get a vacuum cleaner with a small hose attachment; you will use this to suck up any smaller pieces of debris and loose dirt and dust.
  • Now your windows are free of dirt and ready to be cleaned, fill a bucket with warm water, mix that with a few drops of mild detergent suitable for wooden windows. Ensure that the cleaner is fully mixed in before you begin.
  • Wet a sponge and wring out so that it’s not sopping wet; use this to clean the frames and sill of your wooden windows. Repeat this as much as needed until everything is clean.
  • If you want a super clean sill, get an old soft bristle toothbrush and wet with warm soapy water, remove any excess, and then use it to scrub the corners of the wooden window frames. Whilst this may sound pedantic, it will prevent the build-up of grime and will leave you with much cleaner wooden windows in the long run.
  • Now get a plain cloth and wet it with cold water. Use the cloth to rinse the soap from your wooden window frames until there is no soap left.
  • Finally, using a dry cloth, remove all of the water from your wooden window until it is scorched.

Painting wooden window frames

If your home is starting to look a bit tired, you can quickly spruce it up with a lick of paint – the same goes for your wooden window frames. Cracked paint looks unkempt and exposes your window frames to moisture, which can cause them to rot. Here are some tips for painting the wooden window frames:

  • First of all, you will need to remove anything blocking your way, such as curtains and blinds. Then you will need to wash the existing paintwork before drying it and sanding the surface.
  • Once you have a clean, sanded surface, scan the area for any crevices, you will need to fill these in with a wood-friendly filler. You will need to wait for the filler to set before moving on any further.
  • Re-sand the whole surface of your wooden window frames until they are as smooth as possible; any bumps will show in the paintwork. Once you are satisfied with the surface, wipe it down with a clean, dry cloth to remove any dust and dirt.
  • Using masking tape, cover the edges of the glass, make sure you take your time with this job, or it will show later on.
  • If it is a new window you are painting or even a brightly colored older one, you will first of all need to paint a coat of primer onto the wooden window before painting it with your chosen color. Use a smaller brush for awkward sections and a larger one for the easier-to-reach areas.
  • Remember to always paint in the direction of the grain and always use light – not clumpy – strikes. Please don’t use too much paint as it will cause sticking, instead use as little as possible and do more coats.
  • Once finished, leave the window open and wait for it to dry.


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