Double Glazed Windows Prices – Advantages & Disadvantages

How much are double glazing prices in 2017? Double glazing prices in the UK are in general very competitive in the UK and can vary greatly depending on the supplier. If you want to get the best possible deals for double glazed windows, you should compare double glazing prices by asking as many double glazing quotes as possible.

double glazed windows prices
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Window units refer to the entire space in the wall of a room occupied by a single expanse of glass – that is, a standard ‘window’ area that includes a handful of panes of glass built across a single frame. These units may contain anything from two to fifteen different panes, but if you really want to upgrade to double glazing panels you can generally buy the entire section by itself (rather than opting for a pane-by-pane price version) – which will ultimately save you money. But is double glazing expensive? Keep reading to find out more about how much are double glazed unites.

Why install double glazing?

Double glazing units can reduce your heating bills, as well as increase the real value of the property. Double glazed windows consist of two panes of glass separated by a gap which creates an insulating barrier and reduces heat loss . To make your windows even more energy efficient, it is possible to fill the gap with a gas such as argon or xenon.
why install double glazing

There are many advantages of installing double glazing in your house:

  • As stated by the Power Saving Trust (EST), installing B-rated double glazed windows can save you around £165 each year off your fuel bills
  • Double glazing units will raise your home security
  • You can reduce sound pollution by installing double glazed windows
  • New double glazed windows can increase the value of your own premises and certainly will continue at the very least 20 years if installed correctly

Double glazing units price

Window units refer to the whole space in the wall of the room occupied by just one expanse of glass and can contain anything from two to fifteen different panels (panes of glass). It’s a great idea to look around to get the lowest prices for double glazed units and panels; here is a rough guide to costs:

Cost of double glazed windows

A completely sealed 200x400mm double glazed unit costs £22.50

It costs around £14 to buy a 4mm thick pane of glass 200-450m2 in proportions

Double-glazed window panels

Double-Glazed window panels, on the flip side, only refer to each individual panel of glass that resides within a single frame. If you need to replace a shattered or broken window pane, for example, you won’ t have to renovate your whole present unit – just replacing a panel will do, and cost much less!

Double glazing windows prices

Double glazed windows prices will fluctuate as they dependent upon the size and type of window that you will choose. For example, the most effective low-emissivity double glazed windows will absolutely be more expensive than standard double glazed windows. It’s also advisable to consider the price of window frames if you want them; wooden ones are more expensive than uPVC, as an example. Since double glazing can be high-priced, many individuals decide to upgrade gradually, installing a few windows at a time – here is a guide to a few costs.

Cost of uPVC Windows (materials + installation)
Type of home Number of Bedrooms Windows needed Expected cost of Casement style uPVC Windows Expected cost of Sash style uPVC Windows
Flat 2 4 windows £1,450 – £1,700 £2,400 – £3,200
Terraced 2 5 windows £1,800 – £2,250 £3,000 – £4,350
Semi-detached 2 7 windows £2,500 – £2,800 £3,700 – £5,200
Semi-detached 3 9 windows £3,200 – £3,500 £4,400 – £6,600
Detached 3 12 windows £4,200 – £4,700 £6,200 – £7,550
Detached 4 15 windows £5,300 – £5,800 £7,200 – £9,400

How much does one uPVC window cost?

This table shows how much one uPVC window would cost in different styles and sizes.

Individual uPVC Window Prices (incl. VAT)
Casement uPVC Window Sash uPVC Window
600 x 900 £290 £580
1200 x 1200 £375 £720
1200 x 1800 £540 £935

Secondary glazing prices

Secondary glazing includes setting another pane of glass in the inside of the window frame. This is really a fantastic alternative for properties and listed buildings in tight areas where double glazing is often not permitted. Secondary glazing panels will cost significantly less to put in and can save you around GBP100 per year on your own fuel bills:

uPVC horizontal-slide secondary glazing costs around £80 to  £150 per frame

Hinged aluminium secondary glazing prices between £30 and £16 per frame

Double-glazed doors prices

It could still be considered an excellent idea to double glaze any doors that are made up of big panes of glass, such as patio doors. Here are some example prices for double glazed doors:

A double glazed white uPVC back-door cost £135 from B&Q

A double glazed oak front door costs £415 from Conte-Door

Double glazed sash windows price

are a popular period property feature and consist of two vertically sliding panes of glass. Lots of people love the look of sash windows; nevertheless, they do have a tendency to be draughty, so are not very energy efficient. To cure this problem you can select to put in new double glazed sash windows; which tend to be a more pricy option:

Type of Window Size Fitted Prices
Sash 60 cms x 90 cms £500 +
Sash 120 cms x 120 cms £600 +

Wooden double glazed windows prices


Wooden window frames are naturally insulating, along with durable and attractive. Nevertheless, wooden double glazed window frames do tend to be pricier than other substances such as uPVC and demand care to prevent them from rotting and warping. Here are some example costs for wooden double-glazed windows:

Type of wooden window
Average cost for 4 windows
Average cost for 9 windows Average cost for 15 windows
Timber casement
£2,395 – £2,805
£5,413 – £6,159 £9,342 – £10,097
Timber sash
£4,048 – £5,441
£7,667 – £11,465
£12,256 – £15,903

Building regulations for new windows

In the event you live in a conservation area or in a listed building, you likely won’t be allowed to install double glazing windows. In such cases, secondary glazing is really a reasonable alternative – always contact your local building authority prior to making any changes.

All new windows must meet UK building regulations to make sure they meet thermal standards. To make sure your double glazing meets these standards, it’s best to hire a window installer registered with a self-evaluation scheme such as for instance FENSA. They will inform the local authority that the windows comply with regulations and supply you with a security to establish this.

How to find inexpensive or discounted double glazed windows

Double glazing might be expensive; however, there are means to get cheaper or discounted double glazed windows, including:

  • Selecting a local installer
  • Take advantage of showroom discounts
  • Get trade-price options
  • Get more suggestions on how to find cheap or discounted double glazed windows
Tips to get free double glazing quotes online

It’s important to get at the least three double glazing quotes for almost any home improvements you intend on doing; most window installation companies/contractors now offer on-line quotes whenever you supply the next information:

  • What type of windows you nee to install; standard, sash, bay
  • Exactly how many windows you need to install
  • What size of the windows
  • Whether you want new window frames of course, if so what substance you’d like these to be (wood, uPVC, aluminium)
Find Cheap or Discounted Double Glazed Windows

Although it’s considered a necessity for homeowners nowadays, double glazing can still prove surprisingly expensive, especially if you need a whole house re-fitting. There are, however, several ways of still saving some money, although they may be a little more time-consuming and take a bit more forward planning. To get the best deal possible on your double glazing, try following some of the easy tips below:

  • Choose a Local Contractor over a National Company –  local companies don’t have to fork out for costly advertising and transport costs, so will usually be able to offer low-cost double glazing more often
  • Don’t fall for Rogue Deals – ‘one-off’ reduced prices or additional ‘free’ extras are usually employed as a marketing scheme to dupe unwitting customers into spending more than they actually would for a normal double-glazing service – so make sure you just stick with what you need and don’t get won over by sweet-talking salesmen
  • Ask Friends/Relatives for Recommendations – plenty of local contractors build a trusted company through reliable word-of-mouth, so ask friends or relatives who they used for their double-glazing jobs and you might get a great job at a cheap price
  • Compare as many Quotes as Possible – most companies or websites will recommend comparing just three quotes, but for a more comprehensive comparison try looking at between five and seven different quotes – it will take longer, but you’re much more likely to come across the cheapest possible option available
  • Look for Discount Opportunities – although plenty of rogue traders are out to scam trusting homeowners, some double-glazing companies do offer genuine discounts which can keep your costs low. Some, for instance, offer a ‘showroom’ discount, whereby you display one of their advertising boards in your window or garden for the duration of the work – not a lot to ask when you think about it!