TV Aerial Cable Installation Costs: New Aerial Cable Prices

Watching television is one of human guilty pleasure, that’s why, when something is wrong with the transmission or the image is scrambled or tuning in to an important football match and having the picture drop out when your team’s striker is moving in on goal is becoming frustrating. Such problems may appear due to TV aerial extension cable issues known as the digital coaxial cable. Here’s our guide to how tv aerial cable installation, and the benefits that it can bring. It’s time that the quality of your picture matched the quality of the program.

The common causes of a bad signal

 You’ll know if your television has a bad signal, but what could be causing it? One potential problem is atmospheric or weather conditions. If there is a storm taking place, or heavy rain or snow is falling, this could be the cause. Your TV aerial may not be aligned correctly, in which case you should consult a TV aerial installer. There could even be interference from other electrical devices, thermostats, or wireless hubs. One of the most common causes, however, is a problem with the TV coaxial cable.

A damaged or old cable can provoke serious problems with your TV picture.  The bending of the cable can also damage the connectors contained within. People often try DIY solutions, such as flexing and moving the co-axial cable or even wrapping it in foil to prevent interference. These will have, at best, a fleeting effect on the TV reception you enjoy and by flexing the aerial cable you could cause further damage to TV coaxial cable connectors.

Hiring a professional

If you have TV reception problems, hiring a professional TV aerial installer will save you time, money, and frustration. They’ll be able to ascertain whether the problem is due to the aerial or TV coaxial cable. If a replacement cable is needed, they’ll be able to find the perfect location to avoid moisture getting into the cable, and to improve your signal strength.

There are different types of down-lead or cable, each one with its own impedance and function. These include alloy foil satellite cables, low loss coaxial cables (these are mainly suitable for Freeview television reception in areas that enjoy a good reception), and copper foil satellite cables. Your professional installer will find the right one for you, whether you need a satellite dish aerial or a digital TV aerial.

Professional TV aerial installer and their offers& services  

  • A reputable TV aerial installer can offer a wide range of services that will ensure a better quality of the picture, and enhance your television viewing enjoyment. These include:
  • Securing the TV coaxial cable at optimal intervals across your roof.
  • You can split the digital coaxial cable to have the same signal quality in different rooms.
  • Drill holes in masonry, to enable the digital coaxial cable to reach your TV sets without bending or flexing.
  • Take caution regarding the cable length ( precise measurements are required).
  • Supply and install high-quality TV aerial extension cables, or Sky aerial cables, that are durable and will blend in with the exterior of your home

 TV cable and aerial installation costs

 The cost of hiring a professional installer for your digital coaxial cable can be less than you think. It can vary depending upon the size of the property, and how many TV point connections are needed, but for a three-bedroom house expect to pay between £60 – £150. For a small aerial installation cost, you can enjoy brilliant pictures for years to come.