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Roof Slates Guide: Different Types & Prices

Slate is a durable, long lasting roofing material – find out more about the benefits of slate roofing here.

roof slate pricesIn case your slate roof is damaged or leaking, perhaps you’ll notice that replacing roof slates resolves the problem. You’ll notice that roof slate cost is more expensive than other roofing materials; however, since they’re extremely hard-wearing and long lasting, they will probably outlast alternatives such as clay tiles.

British Slate

Watertight, long-lasting and hardwearing —slate produced domestically survives many conditions on our roofs. The launch of BS EN 123261 in 2004 gives the assurance that newly produced British slate is fire-breathing and frost-proof.

Britain produces a lot of slates but the one accepted as the best worldwide is the grey-blue Welsh slate. Reputable slates that are identified with Britain include the Scottish Ballachulish and Easdale slates, the dark-grey Cornish Delabole slate, the green Westmorland and Burlington blue-grey slates from the Lake District. Numerous kinds of stone provide a solid choice.

There is, however, a price to pay for these highly durable slates. Not just on the material but fixing a natural slate roof consumes a lot of time, requires good skills and should, therefore, be considered when drawing up your budget. In the case of re-slating an old roof, tell your roofer to save as many existing slates as he can.

Pair natural slates that are similar to the preserved slates in terms of hue, texture, and size, and re-lay them in a random array to produce a distinctive roof. Also, you can take the slates to a reclamation yard. There is high demand for reclaimed slates of good quality, and this solution is both sustainable and economical.

Imported Slates

Spain alone provides about 75% of the slates used globally making her the largest exporter of slate. One of the cheapest natural slate on the market is the Chinese slate. Imported slate is very common and in high demand because it provides competitive prices and a collection of different hues.

The Canadian slate can be used in place of the Welsh slate.

Although imported slate has been a victim of bad press, you can actually buy them without regret if you do proper research. Request for samples and make sure that the products are tested to BS EN123261. Under this standard, water absorption is tested(the lower the water absorption rate, the higher the durability). High carbonate content of 20% and above in slates may lead to rapid discolouration. If you are particularly bothered about changing appearance, demand for a written statement from your manufacturer which will be in alongside the standard guarantee (a period of 30 years at least)

Once the product is delivered to you, pick out a random sample and test it. If you tap the slate and it gives a clear ring, it is of good quality, but if it gives a dull thud, it is of inferior quality and should be rejected.

Man-made Alternatives

Although man-made slates are widely used as a result of their affordability, they do not have the beauty and durability of natural slates. The consistency of their color, shape, texture, and size during production allows them to give an unvarying and fashionable finish. Consistency also points to the fact that they don’t have to be laid in a double-lapping bond to provide watertight protection like their natural counterparts. They are laid in a single bond, and the ease of pre-drilled holes make it very easy to install, therefore saving money and time.

Other possible alternatives are the Concrete slates and slates produced from rejuvenated slate dust. Fibre-cement slates which are produced from cement, mineral additives and organic fibers are perfect for complex designs, vertical roof pitches, or for roofs in need of a lightweight solution. (copper rivets are normally needed to hold the light material in place). However, the base color of fibre-cement and concrete slates may be exposed to the elements as time passes which is not the case for natural slates.

The increasing demand for slate has led to the introduction of Clay-based slates which offers great sturdiness against weathering.

Roofing Slates Prices

Roofing slate prices differ based on the type of slate that you will choose; some are superior quality than others. For instance, imported slate roofing from Spain is more expensive. Synthetic slate roof tiles prices or second generation tiles, manufactured from a mix of different slates are more affordable options; slate bought in bulk can also save a few bucks in the long run.

Natural Slates Prices

Spanish Natural Slates: £1.07-  £4.62  including VAT

Canadian Natural Slates:  £2.16 –  £5.42 including VAT

Brazilian Natural Slates: £0.80 – £3.34 including VAT

Types:  Alpina, duquesa, welsh cwt u bugail, glendyne, standard, glacier, siga, welsh penrhyn,  contessa, Montleon

Sizes: 600x300mm ( 24 x 12″ ) , 500x375mm ( 20 x 15″ ), 500x250mm ( 20 x 10″ ) (11)

Colours: Light Grey, Blue/Grey, Graphite, Heather Blue, Blue/Black, Grey, Grey/Green

Fibre Cement Slates Prices

Fibre Cement Slates price range from  £0.96 – £1.94 including VAT

Types: marley rivendale , cembrit jutland,  cembrit moorland, marley vertigo,  cembrit westerland, marley thrutone, cembrit diamond, cembrit zeeland marley birkdale

Length: 500mm / 20″ , 600mm / 24″,, 400mm / 15.5″, 336mm / 13″

Width: 500mm / 20″, 600mm / 24″, 250mm / 10″, 300mm / 12″, 400mm / 15.5″

Colours: blue/black, brown, sable, anthracite, graphite, stone green, grey, langdale green, terracotta, taupe, white, heather, lakeland green, russet, slate grey

Brands: sandtoft , cembrit , redland,  marley eternit

Welsh Roofing Slate Prices

Welsh roof tiles are favorite option are of good quality and are exceptional strong. That is why it is more expensive than all other types of slate. For instance, Welsh roof tiles price survey from BSO roofing Supplies Online shows it cost as much as £5.30 per tile, including VAT.

Always hire a professional roofer

If you are not interested in the ‘new-look’ tiles commonly offered by contractors, you can order for specially-manufactured ‘weathered’ slate tiles, for a more authentic look for your home. Whatever your choice is, always remember that roof tiles are best installed by a professional roofer.


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