Comprehensive Guide on Retiling a Roof

retiling a roofThe process involved in replacing the old tiles from your roof (retiling a roof) due to various reasons which include?

– You have faded and worn out old tiles.

– When rainwater is leaking into the roof.

– When the gutters and downpipes are not working the way they are supposed to.

– If you have an older house that needs a high level of general maintenance.

– If one is planning to extend the house or renovate.

Retiling a roof can be done either by a professional or by the owner of the house depending on his capabilities. If it is a simple house, the owner can do the retiling himself or herself but if the house is complex there is need to let the professional do the retiling work at the required standards.

The importance of retiling is:

  • It upgrades the look of your house and home.
  • Assists in fixing cracks or leakage and prevents them from recurring.
  • Helps in preventing the process of trying to match old tiles.
  • It leads to better insulation and ventilation measures hence improving on comfort.

Procedure of retiling a roof

During retiling a roof, there are two things that can hold you back: Height of the roof and getting the house wet in the process of retiling during the rainy weather.

The procedure involves:

  • Determine the type of tile you want for example there are clay tiles and concrete tiles.
  • Consider the impact of weight

One should take into consideration the effect of the tile weight on the roof. The installed roof tiles’ load should be able to be sustained by the roof.

  • Make a list of the materials and tools needed for the retiling process.
  • Develop an estimate of the materials and the cost of retiling.

A calculator can be used in finding the retiling cost estimates since without specific information about the type of tile selected, it is difficult to estimate the number of tiles required to complete the job.

  • Plan on the time to carry out the process by factoring in the weather and time available in which to complete the job

Also make sure there’s enough labor available to complete the work in a timely manner hence the need for proper planning.

  • Purchase and acquire the necessary materials and tools.
  • Remove the old roofing, this can take a long period of time but it should be done slowly to ensure that the job is done well.
  • Repair and reinforce the roof.

Is done by reinforcing the frame of the roof before removal of the existing roof.

  • Installation of the underlayment.

Place the underlayment at one side of the roof perpendicular to the lower edge of the roof. The underlayment is then secured by use of nails. The chimney and vents can be sealed as the underlayment is applied.

  • Place the tiles starting from one side and moving along the roof length. The tiles are nailed into the sheath. For interlocking tiles it is not necessary to nail the tiles to the sheath.
  • Cut the tiles so as to fit tight spots where a whole square of tile cannot fit.
  • The last step is to install the ridge tiles which can be laid either in an end-to-end manner or by use an overlapping style.

Cost of retiling a roof

The cost of retiling of roof varies due to various factors which include:

  • Cost of roof tiles – Type of tiles installed for example interlocking tiles are much cheaper to install retiling a roofcompared to the other type of tiles since they fit into each other instead of being nailed onto the roof sheath.
  • Type of personnel doing the interlocking work, if the owner of the house does the retiling job himself, it will be much cheaper compared to when a professional does it since the professional will charge the owner the installation fees.
  • Tile roof installation – Complexity of the house or facility. For a complex house that has different roofing designs, it will be much expensive to do the retiling compared to a simple house where the retiling process can be done easily and under a short period of time.

Retiling a roof is of benefit to the owner of the house hence it should be encouraged. Although it may be expensive to carry out the retiling of roof and also it maybe time consuming, in the long run it will be of benefit to the home owner.