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Summary of the cheapest solar panel prices

Price range = £180 to £600 for a solar kit
Average cost = £355 for a solar kit
Cheapest professionally installed solar thermal panels = £1,000
Cheapest professionally installed solar PV panels = £5,500
Best / cheapest price = £180 for a solar kit

Although installing solar panels is now a popular way of saving money on heat and electrical charges, the truth remains that installing even a couple high-quality panels can be rather pricey; usually costing at least GBP1, 000.

Fortunately, however, manufacturers have started specialising in cheaper kits to make this new, energy-saving technologies more available, so almost everyone can begin on making their home that little extra eco-friendly. These solar kit systems are appropriate for DIY installation and are generally battery powered. This means you won’t be able to power all your home appliances with a single program; but considering the reduced purchase price you do end up recouping your money just right (if not sooner) as with a far more complex or expensive system. However, it is still imperative for you to compare the cheapest solar panel prices in order to ensure you are getting the best deal and the right fit for you.

If you are opting  to compare the cheapest solar panel prices solely online, you may be able to save even more money. Cost-comparison website lists the cheapest solar-panel DIY kits at the following (average) costs:

28w solar-panel kits cost GBP180
40w solar-panel kits cost GBP260
60w solar panel kits cost GBP380
120w solar-panel kits cost GBP600

Naturally, these battery powered versions won’t last as long as the more traditional solar panel systems. Regardless, these economical and easy – to – fit solar power options still allow you to generate a modest quantity of electricity on your own house or flat – hence reducing your electricity bills and still supporting the environmental surroundings!

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