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A Guide to Recycling Around the Home

One of the biggest and most important issues facing all of mankind is the expending of natural resources. The Earth has experienced a gradual depletion of clean water, trees and other resources that we have taken for granted. Through pollution of the air and water, over harvesting forests and other damaging events, we do not have as many of the resources that were available in the past. Unless it is corrected, the inhabitants of the Earth will continue to experience the problem of not having resources readily available as previous generations have enjoyed.

This downward spiral can be slowed, and hopefully reversed through changes in behavior and actions of mankind. One of the ways that average people can help the environment around the home is through the use of recycling. Basically, recycling is the process of taking used materials and making them into new materials. By reusing these materials in many cases you are saving the natural resources that we are abusing, saving the environment by not throwing away items as trash and using those items in the world.

  • Recycling Basics – Informative page which covers the basics of recycling including a definition of recycling.
  • Recycling 101 – Web site which offers readers a look of what recycling is and how it works.
  • How Recycling Works – Helpful page which gives consumer a look at the recycling process and how people can help.
  • How to Recycle and Go Green – Information on how homeowners and consumers can become more environmentally friendly in there everyday lives.

We have conferred with experts in the field, and have come up with a collection of recycling resources to help homeowners come up with a game plan where they can recycle on a regular basis around the house. Feel free to refer to this guide often and share it will friends and neighbors so they can also help the environment by recycling.

General Information

  • How Recycling Works – Consumer information on how people that recycle can help with the environment.
  • How Recycling Works – Yale University web page which provides readers with information on how recycling works with examples.
  • Recycling Information – Informative page from the Australian government on how recycling processes function.
  • The Recycling Process – Information on what happens to items once they have been collected for recycling.

What To Recycle

  • Recyclable Material – Comprehensive list of material that can be recycled.
  • List of Recyclables – Page which provides an overview on the items that can be recycled.
  • Common Recyclable Materials (PDF) Article which contains information from the EPA on materials that are commonly recycled.

Recycling For Kids 

  • Kids Page – Informative page aimed at providing kids with information on the ideas involved with recycling.
  • Recycling for Kids – Collection of fun game, experiments and much more to help kids learn about recycling.
  • Kids Recycling – Page which can be used to help kids understand recycling.
  • Recycle Roundup – Interactive and fun page which teaches recycling through a game.
  • Recycled Crafts for Kids – Helpful page which lists six ideas for recycled craft projects that can be done by kids.

Benefits Of Recycling 

  • Recycling and the Environment – Informative page which provides an overview on recycling and how the environment benefits.
  • Environment and Recycling – Web page which contains an overview of recycling and the environmental benefits of recycling.
  • Save the Environment – Helpful page which provides information on the ways that recycling can help save the environment.
  • Recycling Benefits – Useful site which outlines the benefits of recycling for the environment.
  • Recycling Facts – Article which provides information and facts on how recycling protects the environment.

Useful Resources 

  • Recycle Resources – Helpful page which contains a number of resources about recycling.
  • Resources for Recycling – Collection of resources and information for consumers to help learn about recycled items.
  • Consumer Resources – Page for consumers which provides information and links about recycling materials.
  • Recycling Resources – General information about recycling including links to a number of helpful pages.
  • Kids Recycling Tool Kit – Useful collection of information and resources to help kids learn about recycling.

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