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Wooden Window Prices

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Wooden windows cost summary

Price Range = £157.50 to £650
Average Cost = £320.80
Cheapest Price = £157.50

Unlike cheaper uPVC models, wooden windows offer an elegant, more traditional look to your house that blends neatly with older brickwork. To assist help you budget for new wooden windows we have laid-out this price plan, listing the wooden window prices for each type (or part) in addition to different labour prices:

DoubleGlazed Unit – for an averagesized single bedroom window of 1200x1200mm, a typical double glazed wooden unit (including all-glass panes) will cost around GBP419 to GBP500 (
Double Glazed Panel – a single glass panel using a wooden-frame will generally be around half the price of an average unit; therefore for a 630-650 x 1050-1200mm design, be prepared to pay around GBP216 to GBP243 (
Sash Window – while a little more expensive, wood sash windows keep that bona fide period look to your property intact and if needed may be double-glazed. (
Wooden Casement / Framework – purchasing your panel and frame separately is a smart way of preserving a little cash, especially if you’re prepared to shop around to discover the best price. Costs will change in line with the size of the frame, but for a 2300x1200mm hardwood frame (with room for 4 panels) turn to pay around GBP630; that’s simply GBP157.50 per panel! (
Labour Charges -while it might be tempting to save money here and just DIY the whole job yourself, installing new windows (panes, models or otherwise) can be a lengthy and complex process, and unless you have practice in the specialty you may be best off leaving things to a professional. (

Obviously the cost of wooden windows will be dependent on the type of wood you choose (oak frequently being the cheapest, darker hardwoods such as mahogany or maple being along the pricier end of the scale). Most will still have a ten to fifteen-year warranty and last well beyond that – creating

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