Window Repair Tips For Different Types Of Windows & Glazing

window repair tipsIf you can spot cracked windows, scratches or broken and rotten window frames then you may need to undergo a spot of window repair work. These are all problems that would benefit greatly from the services of a professional tradesman or window repair company, rather than a keen DIY-er.

Badly fitted and repaired windows can cause draughts, which will lower the temperature of your house resulting in more expensive heating bills. So by enlisting the help of a professional to carry out window frame repair work, you will save money in the long run.

Sash Window Repairs

Sash windows are a type of window that have moving panels, which are referred to as sashes. These sashes can be opened either by sliding up and down, or by swinging outwards. Sash windows are a popular choice for those with a love of traditional design, and they are typically found in older homes, especially if they are originals.

The main issues that sash windows face are: rotting wood, swelling, shrinking and distortion. In addition to those problems, sash windows can also be draughty.

The level of repair work will depend entirely on how badly damaged the sash windows are. You may need to contact a window repair company that specialise in sash window repairs, as they are often a more fiddly, skilled repair job than other windows.

UPVC Window Repairs

Many people opt for UPVC windows because of the low maintenance appeal. The thought of window repairs seems long gone once UPVC windows have been installed, however whilst UPVC does not degrade as quickly as other window frame materials, they may still need repair work every once in a while.

You may need to replace certain parts, such as hinges, handles or locks, or you may need to replace the window glass altogether.

In order to keep your UPVC windows in the best possible condition, thereby minimising the need for window repairs, you should clean them regularly with soapy water.

Wooden Window Repairs

Wooden window frames are very susceptible to rot, this generally happens due to the deterioration of the sealant used to cover the wood. If window frames are properly waterproofed in the first place, then rot is much less likely. However all the elements of the British weather such as rain, wind, snow and ice will over time chip away at the woods waterproof seal until water can permeate through cracks and reach the wood inside. If this has happened to your window frame, you will need to contact a professional to remove the rot and reseal the wood to keep water at bay and stop any future rot.

Metal Window Repairs

Many homeowners opt for metal windows because of their durability and longevity, as well as being highly functional. However, whilst there is no denying the strength that metal windows offer, they are susceptible to rust should they be scratched or deteriorated. This allows a combination of water, carbon dioxide and oxygen to seep through the damaged section of metal window frame, and cause rust to develop. In addition to being unsightly, rust will also weaken your metal window frames, so it is best to contact a professional to remove the rust ASAP. They will remove the rust and then seal it up again.

Glazing Repairs

Glazing and particularly double glazed windows are a fantastic invention, not only do they keep your home warmer but they also reduce noise pollution and even save you money on your heating bill. However, over time they can become misty of get trapped condensation. This is an annoying problem for homeowners, as it ruins the appearance of their windows. You can repair double glazing by hiring a window repair company to get rid of the condensation or mist. They can use special tools that heat up the window and effectively melt away the problem. However, if this persists or you have badly fitted double glazed windows to start with, it may be most cost effective option is to entire replace the windows.

Window Seal Repair

If your windows have smudges or cloudy spots on them then the cause could be your window seals. Each window seal has two or three panes of glass that are pressed and sealed together, this is to provide a more intense barrier between the outside and your home. If you suspect this is a problem your windows have, then you should contact a local window repairer to come and inspect it. If they confirm this is the issue, they will have to work out whether they can repair the seal or whether you will need to replace it.

Emergency Window Repair

If you are in need of instant window repair, such as a broken window that is causing a security threat, then you will need to find an emergency window repair company. These are available all over the UK, however do bear in mind that you will have to pay a premium price for the emergency timescale. Prices will vary from £50 upwards for a small broken window repair.

Finding a window repair company

Check in your local yellow pages or over the internet to find a UK window repair tradesman in your local window repair costarea. If you have friends and family that live locally, contact them to see if they have any recommendations. If the repair work is going to be costly and extensive it may be worth asking to see a portfolio or a list of references, so you can check their reputation and standard of work.

How much do window repairs cost?

This depends entirely on the sort of windows you have, what materials will be involved and what the repair work will involve. For a more accurate quote you would need to contact a local window repair tradesmen to visit your home. They will be able to give you an accurate quote on how much it will cost to repair windows specific to your situation.

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