Motifs for using Vinyl Flooring for Pets

It is said that among long-term life commitments are choosing a pet and buying flooring. If you have a cat or a dog or any other clawed and furry creature, you need to take this into account when choosing the type of flooring you want in your home.

Why we love and hate our pets

Of course we don’t really ever hate our pets. How can you dislike a dog which is overjoyed to see you every time you come home or a cat that cuddles up with you on a winter’s night?It’s just that we wish that they knew how to clean up after themselves or, even better, not make a mess on our floors in the first place! This is where cheap vinyl flooring is fantastic as a flooring option.

There are all sorts of designs, colours and patterns available for your selection with many emulating natural textures such as wood and different types of stone. The quality of vinyl is now so high that you need to look twice to make sure that it’s not the real thing!

Animal accidents

Pets are not perfect and have their share of accidents. They can’t make it to the litter box in time or wait until walkies or they vomit unexpectedly all over our new floor…

They also have claws which can be damaging to hardwood or carpets. So when you choose a new floor, you need to keep your pets in mind if you want your investment to last. There are only so many times the average person is willing to re-varnish their wooden floor to make claw marks disappear, no matter how much they love their pet!

Vinyl is ideal

Modern vinyl flooring not only looks fabulous in any room of the house but it is easy to take care of. You can clean up pet spills and accidents easily and there will not be any stains left behind as a tell tale reminder.

If your pet is shedding, the fur won’t form an extra layer which requires serious suction action to remove, like it does on a carpet. You simply need to dampen a mop and go over the flooring to collect all the loose hairs ready for disposal.

Vinyl is also tough against daily claw traffic and softens the sound of your dog trotting across the room. What more could you want?