Why install a security intercom?

Intercom systems provide a modern and secure way of protecting your home, find out about the costs and why you should install one here.

If you are worried about the safety of your home, a security intercom may be just the thing you need to put your mind at rest. Whether you are looking for the most basic levels of protection or something more advanced, there are such a variety of security intercoms on the market that you are certain to find a system suited to your needs.

Increase your home security with an intercom

How does a security intercom work?

A security intercom works by allowing you to communicate from the safety of your home with those who ring your doorbell. The security intercom allows you to hear or even see the person so that you can decide whether or not to let them in. A buzzer button is also supplied which allows you to electronically unlock the door from inside your home for added convenience.

Benefits of a security intercom

There are many benefits that come with installing a security intercom in your home. The main benefit of a security intercom is the additional safety it provides for your property and this is usually the most important aspect when choosing a security intercom. Security intercoms usually offer an audio link between the inside of your home and the outside. However, recent technology has also made a video available for security intercoms. This lets you see the person and anyone they are with before you decide to let them in. The video is simply activated once the doorbell is rung although if you want, it can be set to continuously record. Video intercoms also allow you to set up surveillance whilst you are away from home and when used in tandem with other surveillance cameras can provide comprehensive coverage of your property. Security intercoms aren’t just for operating doors either – they can likewise be connected to an automated gate at the entrance to your property, allowing you to open it remotely from the comfort of your home.

The benefits of security intercoms can be further enhanced with a little ingenuity. For instance, they can be used to play music throughout any rooms in the property that are also fitted with intercoms. They can also be used to monitor a sleeping child or simply to talk to people in other rooms if you have a large house.

What types of systems are there?

Hard wired intercoms

A hard-wired system will enable you to answer front door calls and monitor rooms with a master station in a fitted location in your home. Although the wiring can be expensive and a bit of a hassle, it will mean you don’t have to worry about interference from other wireless devices or poor signal strength – which can be a problem thanks to Aberdeen’s hilly topography and high levels of wind and rainfall

Video wireless intercoms

wireless intercom systems have two major advantages: they provide long-range transmissions – which can be useful if you live on the outskirts of home intercom systemsthe city – and the master units can be portable and therefore quicker and easier to access. If you live in one of the many high rise flats or apartments that have been burgeoning in Aberdeen in recent years, an added outdoors camera with a video screen at the master station will also help you identify unknown visitors, ignore nuisance callers and enable you to keep a vigilant watch directly outside your home.

Outdoor wireless intercoms

an outdoor wireless intercom enables you to keep in touch with what’s going on at home or in the office whilst on the move – perfect if you’re grabbing a quick bite to eat in Union Square Shopping Centre or are attending meetings and conferences between various buildings in Union Street. Most have a transmission range of up to four miles, allowing you to stay in contact with the entire city wherever you go

Room/baby monitoring intercoms

if you have an elderly relative staying with you or need to keep an extra eye on mischievous youngsters,  home intercom systems for elderly and babies can also be installed internally, with a camera and microphone unit in the desired room and a master station wherever you need it.

Music Distribution intercoms

not only will this increase the value of your property, but purchasing such a system that can utilise software to transmit music throughout your home is a stylish and trendy addition, perfect for entertaining family or dinner guests.

How much do intercom systems cost?

Although installing intercom systems can be performed by a standard electrician or telephone installer, you should look into hiring from a professional company for best results. A basic system can cost as little as £60 but more complicated systems cost between £300 and £400 but the price will depend significantly on the type and number of extras you choose to have installed.

Most intercom installation companies can offer a free survey of your property, so you’ll know exactly where to have the units fitted and whether or not video or remote controlled features will be a worthwhile advantage for you – take time to compare the intercom estimates and aim to find the best value for money rather than immediately taking up the cheapest option. With Aberdeen city centre set for some extensive modernisation, an intercom system is just the thing to bring your home into the 21st century.

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