Why Choose Reclaimed Roof Tiles?


Q: I have an older property that needs re-roofing, should I consider using reclaimed roof tiles?

A: Yes! There are two major benefits to using reclaimed roof tiles. The first is that visually, it often looks better, especially on older properties such as yours where new tiles will not enhance the age of the building. Aside from that, it is also a form of recycling which is very important as it stops materials ending up as landfill. Even broken or chipped reclaimed tiles can be used, for example my partner just chopped a load up of reclaimed slate roof tiles and revamped his mother’s garden with them. Reclaimed tiles often work out cheaper than new tiles, and if they are of good quality they should last for hundreds of years.”

What are Reclaimed Roof Tiles?

Reclaimed roof tiles will have been salvaged and saved from another roof. Whilst they are technically second hand they are usually of high quality and made from long lasting material such as slate.

What are the advantages of reclaimed roof tiles?

  • Sympathetic to older properties such as grade II listed houses
  • Available in a wide range of materials such as clay, concrete and slate
  • Environmentally friendly, since you’re recycling
  • In many cases they are a cheaper alternative than new tiles
  • They’re typically good quality and therefore long lasting

Where can I get Reclaimed Roofing from?

You could use a roofing company that uses reclaimed roof tiles. However, if you are supplying the material yourself then you could look at salvation yards or online, there are various online sites that sell reclaimed roof tiles for a fraction of the cost of new tiles.

How much does Reclaimed Roofing Cost?

Reclaimed roof tiles vary in cost depending on the sort of material you are after and the age and quality of the roof tile. Below  you can see prices sources from various web sites to help you get an understanding of the prices.

Roof tile Dimensions Price
Reclaimed Marley Marquess Concrete Roof Tiles. 12″ x 12″ £3.50 + VAT.
Reclaimed Dark V Tiles 10.5″ x 6.5″ £2,6 per 10 tiles
Reclaimed Red Handmade Club Tiles 80p each + VAT
Redland Stonewold Roof Tiles £1 each
Staffordshire Blue Ridge Tiles £7,5 each
Eclaimed Roofing Tiles Acne Sandstorm Blue Black Staffordshire 30p each
Reclaimed Welsh Green Roofing Slates 20″ x 10″ £1.30 each
Reclaimed Range Of Assorted Marley Roofing Tiles £1.50

What type of Reclaimed Roofing should I go for?

Whilst this could be dictated by the style and era of your home it’s worth knowing the pros and cons for different roofing materials:

Clay roof tiles: Long lasting and free from rot, clay roof tiles are great choice. Their main negative is their weight, so ensure that your house would structurally be able to cope with clay roof tiles.

Concrete roof tiles: Generally concrete lasts for quite a while and is relatively low maintenance. However its main drawback is that it is not to everybody’s taste and generally suits more modern housing.

Slate roof tiles:  Similar to clay, slate has a very long lifespan, is low maintenance and is not susceptible to rot. Slate is also available in a wide range of colours, though they are limited to what is naturally available.