What to Look For in Plastering Contractors

plastering costsWhen it comes to home décor and design, one of the most important elements of a home is the walls. Your walls become the canvas upon which the personality of every room is created and they serve as the backdrop for your artwork, photographs and fixtures that bring your home to life. Plastering contractors are critically important in helping to set the stage for your success by delivering their portion of the work suitably. However, one doesn’t have to investigate in great depth to uncover stories about consumers who were forced to deal with a costly disaster after receiving sub-par work and seeking out an effective solution to the problem.

Given the seeming simplicity of the work performed by plastering companies, some homeowners neglect to devote time to the screening of service providers when they are looking to find a plasterer. In some cases, as a cost cutting measure, they may elect to attempt this work on their own. However, the services performed by plastering contractors is more advanced than simply coating unfinished walls with some plaster. Their work creates a finished look to home interiors on both walls and ceilings and some offer added expertise to incorporate advanced design elements which increase the artistic appeal of your home.

What is included in plastering services?

Plastering services are primarily considered for interior design functions but this work can also include stucco finishing on the exterior of buildings as well. Stucco is regarded as a low maintenance type of home exterior which is widely adopted. Plastering requires the selection and use of the right materials based on the scope of the job and preferences of the homeowner. In the case of a home renovation, the plastering company is also responsible for the proper removal of old plaster or the effective repair of existing finishes. When you know what you want, you still need to screen your options for plastering contractors to ensure that you are getting the work done by someone both qualified and proficient in this discipline.

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How to find the right plasteing contractor

The federation of plastering and drywall contractors suggests that the first assessment of any potential plastering contractors should identify whether or not they hold a City and Guilds certificate. This is a good measure to demonstrate the company’s qualifications and track record, but it’s still important to do your own investigation because at the end of the day this is about your home – and your money. Recommended plasterers should have a broad range of experience, not only with plaster but on a variety of projects.

Should I go for a local plasterer?

Local plasterers may present your best option but it is important to remember that when it comes to plastering contractors and the services they provide, you need to assess value against price. The cheapest proposal is not always the best. Every offer you receive should be reviewed against a thorough checklist that considers the experience of the firm, the warranty they offer on their work, what time frame is reasonable for the work to be completed and whether they are licensed and carry insurance.

Most importantly, you want to go beyond the promotional literature, websites and sales pitches by the providers themselves and speak directly to previous customers. Ask for references from previous clients and take the time to follow up with those leads to personally speak with them about any questions or concerns you may have. Don’t commit your money to any plastering contractor that cannot produce references. Reputation is key to the success of any building tradesperson and if someone isn’t open about their past performance, that should be your first indication that this could be a problem for you and your project as well.

Last tips

Once you have completed your review of plastering contractors and you’re ready to award the work, ensure that you re-confirm the scope of your needs, the payment terms and project timelines and be sure to record all of that in writing for the protection of both parties. In the event of a dispute later on, you’ll be glad to have paperwork which documents your expectations and the terms to which both parties have agreed. When it comes to home renovation it is important to remember that the bitterness of poor quality lives on long after the satisfaction of a good bargain. Do your homework up front and build with confidence.

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