What to Look For in Flooring Fitters

flooring-contractorsFrom the plush feel of luxurious carpet beneath your toes to the breathtaking shine and distinctive resonance of footsteps on marble, the right flooring helps to set the tone for all spaces within your home or business. Introducing elements for comfort and convenience as well as the look that best supports your brand image are all factors to discuss when you work with a professional floor fitter.

Flooring specialists work with you to identify the right products to create a unique atmosphere and follow up with proper installation that ensures uncompromising quality for their clients in both durability and design. With many areas of expertise, some floor fitters may focus on residential installations while others focus on commercial development and renovation.

Many options to choose from

Your choices for flooring cover a wide range of options. A flooring company may deal in specific floor coverings such as carpet, laminate, tile, stone, paraquet or real wood. Within each of these categories, you have dozens of brands, colors and combinations which can be mixed and matched to create the exact feel to suit your tastes. Some buyers may seek out laminate floor fitters while others may prefer the flooring services provided by a firm that works with stone finishes.

Popular Options

For some, nothing can replace the quality of real wood and they may seek to hire wooden flooring fitters to meet their needs. For kitchens, bathrooms and commercial spaces, vinyl is a popular option for its convenience and low maintenance for cleaning and care. In that instance vinyl flooring fitters may provide the expertise needed to deliver the best result. Of course, you will find that many floor fitters offer comprehensive service and deal in all varieties of floors but it is important to check.

Communicate your requirements clearly

Aside from specialty, when in the market for flooring services you need to remember that your relationship with your service provider is as important as the completed work. You want to communicate clearly so that they understand your vision and can produce the results you want for the price you can afford.

Make sure they are licensed

Consideration of any floor fitters should confirm that they are a licensed provider and carry insurance both for liability as well as bonded protection that provides peace of mind to the client. How long have they been in business and what is the projected time frame from hire date to completion are also important selection criteria.

Warranty & Workmanship

One special consideration with floor fitters more than many other types of contracting work is related to the warranty on the product and workmanship. Often, problems with flooring don’t start to make themselves apparent until months after installation, and even then they might not attract attention to exact a remedy.

What assurance do you have that your provider is prepared to offer after sale care in the event of creaking, warps or other problems which may arise shortly after the installation? Ensure that you are comfortable with the advertised warranty to be confident in the quality and life expectancy of your flooring. It is a combination of the warranty, the product purchased, and installation that all contribute to the value at the price quoted, so these should all be factored into your evaluation.

How to screen floor fitters

One of the best ways to screen any floor fitters you may hire is to do a background check on the company. Ask for references from previous clients and be sure to take the time to follow up with those contacts personally. At some point, these people were exactly where you are in the selection process and their experience will help to give you a complete picture about the company that you’re dealing with. Beyond their brochures, websites and handshakes, the actual experience of previous customers is invaluable.


Once you’ve made your selection and you’ve eliminated all but the floor fitters you want to complete your work, your final step is to sign a contract. Ensure that you document in writing the details of your transaction including price, timelines, and specifications of the flooring products that you are directing to be installed. This signed contract protects both yourself as the consumer and the service provider later on and reduces the risk of a misunderstanding which can leave you dissatisfied with your flooring experience.

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