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Garden landscaping cost guide – How much does landscape gardening cost?

Are you thinking about hiring a landscaping company and have no ideas how much it will cost you. Read this guide to find out more about the cost of garden landscaping.

gardening landscaping cost

A fresh patio or decking can create a perfect space for family get-togethers and barbecues and give life and color in between dull browns. Moreover, your garden will appear to shake off. However, we should note here that the garden landscaping cost does not come cheap. You often require careful planning and consideration for making it look great, as not every popular landscaping feature works best in every house. Hence, what is the exact cost of landscaping?

Different factors influencing the cost of landscaping

Well, the cost of landscaping your garden will finally depend on several different factors such as:

    • The size of the garden.
    • The scope of the project.
    • The unique treatment of the aesthetics of planting.
    • The type of materials and size of your patios.
    • The cost of plants and mulches.
    • The Landscaper’s daily or hourly rate.
    • The level of expertise of the landscaper.
    • The landscaper’s efficiency.

These are just a few factors that will influence the final price of your landscaping project. But still, to assist you with a basic overview of different landscaping prices offered by maximum garden builders or landscape services, we have put together the following cost-plan that will tabulate garden landscaping cost as per different kinds of services that one may require.

Average Garden Landscaping Cost in the UK

Garden Landscaping Service Price 
Garden Cleaning £35- 40 per hour
Soil Irrigation £8-10 per hour
Turfing  £14  per square meter (Supply, Prepare and Lay Costs)
Bark Mulching  £12-38 per cubic meter
New Plants  £30-40 per square meter
Fence Installation £40 – 50 per meter for close boarded

£50 – 60 per meter for a closed board fence (both 1.8metres high)

Sandstone Paving £85 per square meter
Block Paving £70 – 80 per square meter
Softwood Decking £70 – 80  per square meter
Hardwood Decking £130-150 per square meter for treated pine decking.

£190 – 220 per square meter for hardwood timber decking.

£140 – 160 per square meter for composite decking

Skip Hire £150 – 300 (depending on location)
Waste Removal £160 – 200 for an all-day van driver
Architectural Design and Planning Prices generally start from £250 per project/visit, depending on the scale.

Of course, one needs to remember that the garden landscaping prices are only estimates based on the quotes from some online sources. For maximum up-to-date and accurate landscaping prices, one requires contacting other contractors and companies in their local area. Some may be willing to send their surveyors to your place, free of cost for calculating total garden landscaping cost, particularly your garden.

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How much do gardening services cost?

Garden services can cost from as little as £15 per hour to £20 and £45, depending on the gardening services and location. Gardeners tend to charge around £150 per day. Usually, the cost of gardening services is defined by the size of your garden and the area you live in. If you live in London, expect to pay a lot more than anywhere else. You can save money by signing up for a monthly gardening service.

General garden maintenance includes a variety of jobs  such as:

    • Weeding & weed removal
    • Pruning
    • Trimming
    • Lawn Care
    • Leaf clearance
    • Lawn mowing

Bellow, we are giving several estimates to help you understand the general maintenance cost.

Garden Size (feet) Average Cost Time
20  x 13 £150 2-3 hours
25 x 20 £200 1 day
40 x 25 £300 1-2 days

Benefits of Garden Landscaping

Garden landscaping obviously makes a lot of sense if you are an enthusiast who likes to plant their own vegetables and fruits. It can, however, offer another huge advantage for you by:

Increasing the value of your property:  Landscape gardening prices can vary, of course, but whether you choose new garden fence decorations or flower gardening, the value of your property will increase.

Makes your home more attractive to prospective purchasers: When you are lining up buyers, the quality of your garden will be the first thing they see. It reflects who you are and how did much did you value your property.

Reduces the time your property is on the market: A nice garden will make your home more attractive, especially to people that like gardens, thus increasing the chances of someone making an offer for the property.

Reduces heating and cooling costs: Trees in your garden help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

According to the Homeowners Association’s stats, quality landscaping can increase the value of your property by 30%! It is very likely that near the highest point of that value, we are talking about trees, native plants, outdoor lighting, quality fencing, and maybe even a garden structure or two. Still, if you don’t know anything other than taking care of your lawn and placing flowers and plants in just the right places, you will add value to your property.

Planning permission?

Designing your garden isn’t the only thing you must do before you carry out any work; you must also get planning permission if it is required. Not all landscaping requires planning permission; however, it can be necessary for some trees under a Tree Preservation Order. It is always best to check first before carrying out the work.

Gardening Essentials


Mother Nature’s wooden creations are essential in more than one way. For starters, they can turn your uncomfortably open property into a secluded dream home. They also block the Sun and drain the water after a big rain, keeping most pollutants away. Energy costs are another big factor. As the trees provide shade for the house, they help the whole insulation system by taking away a good portion of the heat energy. If you are using AC during the summer, this could result in significant savings. If you thought this would only help during the summer, think again. During the winter, the trees will act as windbreakers, once again taking away some of the energy that would make your house’s insulation system work extra hard. Trees are also aesthetically pleasing.

Using Native Plants

You can save money, time, and money by taking advantage of indigenous plants while still making your garden as beautiful as possible. This is, of course, highly dependent on where you live, but unless we are talking about a frigid climate, the chances are that you will be able to choose certain plants from a large local flora.

Maintaining native plants is obviously much easier, as you don’t need to dig them out from time to time, and they often don’t even require any striking or cloning. Perennial flower gardening ideas are easy to come by when the plant or flower in question cooperates without any problem whatsoever.

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is usually the most popular outdoor feature of homeowners and buyers alike. When it comes to garden ideas and layouts, these appliances will make a huge difference. On the one hand, they can look beautiful. Certain plants and flowers are amazing when they’re lit. The other angle, of course, is home safety. By adding outdoor lighting to your property, you will turn your property into a more difficult target.

This is such a huge factor that insurance companies are often willing to give discounts to those who installed a lighting system in their home. It’s probably time to break out those ornaments. There are many kinds of outdoor lighting techniques you can choose from, LED variants are viral these days, but if you are looking for something more elegant and not plastic, you will have several options.


In Europe and other parts of the world, people think about fencing as essential. In America, this is somewhat different. Still, having quality fencing will not only add value and safety to your property, but it can actually look really, really nice. It’s important to note that the chain-link type offenses will not really add any value to the property, nor do they look good.

Proper fencing, however, will definitely will. If you have any garden decorating ideas that would make your home look better, contemplating the idea of having a fence is an excellent idea. A really nice and high-quality fence could add as much as £1000-£1500 value to your home, or in some cases, possibly even more.

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What do landscape gardeners do?

You might think getting the job done yourself will save money, but the truth is that landscaping can be a particularly tricky and time-consuming business. Plus, a landscape gardener can help out in several different ways, as they will be able to:

    • Carry out a preliminary assessment of your design plan in conjunction with your projected budget, making sure you can afford what you want and that the design itself is feasible.
    • Assess the size and shape of your garden and recommend which parts of your design will work best in the space you have available. (For example, they can advise where certain patio areas or specific types of plants would receive the maximum sunlight).
    • Get you in touch with local architects, project managers, building contractors, and/or additional landscape designers they trust to do the job to the highest quality – and possibly at a reduced price too!
    • Mark the locations and direction of any utility, cable, or water lines (including gas and electrical wiring and drainage pipes) that run beneath the garden floor, making sure you and any contractors working on the area don’t damage them and cause more problems later on.
    • Test the types of soil most prevalent in the garden and recommend the plants and shrubs that will grow best in the area.
    • Help develop a suitable time scale for the project that works for you, making sure all the ‘hard landscaping’ elements (patios, paving, etc.) are completed first, to a satisfactory standard that will prevent more repairs later. Who can then install the easier ‘soft landscaping’ (plants, lawns, etc.) features as quickly as possible?
    • Aid in perfecting the overall design scheme as you go, making sure the colors, styles, shapes, and textures you choose to match each other and the exterior décor of your property, plus recommend any design features they think might enhance the look you’re aiming for.
    • Recommend several eco-friendly options for your garden, including rain barrels, compost bins, and solar lighting.
    • Inform you of any restrictions in place in the local area that might prevent installing certain garden features (such as front porches) and help gain planning permission for the project.

How to find professional garden landscaping services

To ensure that your garden landscaping cost will not be very high, you must compare several different gardening landscaping quotes from as many gardening companies as possible, and you should not hesitate to ask for brochures and references of their previous projects. This is the only way by which you can make sure that you will be getting the best garden landscaping service and reduce the cost of landscaping services.


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