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What Are Boiler Radiator Systems:Everything You Need To Know

boiler systemWhen it comes to newly built homes, installation of radiators and boilers is pretty uncommon. However, many old residential buildings still have this kind of heating solutions. In addition to that, since this kind of heating system is great for huge buildings and multi-storey residences, hot water and steam heating can be found in a large number of old dwellings of businesses, apartments, and multi-family residential settings.

Benefits of using steam heating solutions

Heating systems based on steam and hot water come with a few very prominent advantages, which are generally not discussed too much. Due to the presence of only a small number of moving parts, such heating systems provide very good reliability as well as durability as long as you are committed to maintaining such a system properly. In fact, if you really take good care of it, such a system can even work better than a modern complicated heating solution. Other than that, you get very clean heat, which is completely dust free.

This reason attracts people who do not like dust at all, or react negatively to allergens which are common with modern heating solutions due to the presence or utilization of forced air. Besides, this type of solution is very much compatible with old structural settings and historic houses! This is perhaps the biggest reason why so many people totally ignore the little disadvantages that come with these systems, and proceed to use such systems anyway! Of course there are a few disadvantages of using such heating systems, due to which the popularity of the systems have decreased over time to a great extent, but that does not mean that everyone has abandoned these systems.

Mechanism of steam heating systems

When you use a heating system that makes use of steam, water is heated by the boiler using either gas or oil. The heated water turns into steam, and travels using radiators, pipes or convectors, heating the room uniformly in the process. This technique keeps a house warm pretty nicely, and when the steam becomes cold again, it turns to water once more and reaches the boiler. The water is then heated again. Systems which make use of hot water instead of steam work the same way, the only difference is that hot water travels in such a case instead of steam.

Maintaining your steam heating solution

It is a fact that boiler systems last really long. That said, you have to get such systems serviced on a regular basis nonetheless. The best way to proceed is to service your boiler at least once every year. If you want to operate your boiler without any trouble, it is a good idea to learn to inspect the pressure level gauge, the water level gauge, and the safety valve yourself, which are quite easy tasks to perform. However, note that it is still very important that you seek professional help for any kind of maintenance and annual support. Most of the times, having some gauge and control inspection performed, and a little bit of adjustment of your burner performed should be enough for annual inspection. Additionally, the flues and the chimney are required to be checked for any kind of leaks or blockages too. Note that in case your boiler is steam based, inspecting your air valves placed near radiators must be a top concern too in order to ensure regulated heat.

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