Vintage Bathroom Design Ideas

Vintage Bathroom Design is back for good!

In the world of design and fashion, vintage has come back in a big way recently. Even eighties chic has had somewhat of a Vintage Bathroom Style resurgence in fashion, and designs from as far back as Victorian and Edwardian styles as well as forties, fifties and sixties are especially fashionable periods of design. With this in mind a lot of designers, and even home design hobbyists have gone back to retro and vintage styles when planning all manner of interior designs, from objects to entire rooms.

One room in any household which can massively benefit from a remodel in the vintage style is the bathroom. This is because the style of vintage bathrooms is not just aesthetically attractive, but also quite open plan and minimalistic in terms of layout.

Here’s a breakdown of some vintage bathroom features you’ll need to think about if you want to adopt this bathroom style.

Vintage Bathroom Furniture

Vintage bathroom furniture items could include:

  • A single occasional chair (if it will fit in there) which should preferably be cream, white, or a dark wood finishVintage Bathroom Furniture
  • A refillable hand soap dispenser made from glass with a stainless steel hand press is also ideal, plastic should not be included in any part of a vintage bathroom
  • In terms of showers and baths the vintage style almost always includes a free standing bath of some form, mostly due to their use throughout the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Choose one with ornate feet, in a claw shape for example to really bring out the retro look
  • One item which can ruin a vintage style if not correctly chosen is the cabinet. Vintage bathroom cabinets can be a little more difficult to find than other items, although a dark wood finish cabinet with a simple mirror can be applied to great effect a little more embellishment does tend to help with the overall look. White or slightly cream coloured cabinets work very well the really vintage styles, Edwardian or Victorian for example

Vintage Bathroom Fixtures

Vintage light fixtures allow you to really inject some creativity and personality. Get down to the antique store or an auction and find yourself the grandest candelabra. Spotlights are an absolute no-no; instead have some wall-mounted lanterns, complete with lit candles, on either side of your bathroom mirror for a Gothic feel and some extra light.

Vintage Bathroom Flooring

Choose tiles for a traditional vintage floor; you can always add a rug to prevent cold feet and break up the stark pattern. The floor tiling in a vintage bathroom could be single black and white wall tiles, which is a great, bold look for the really style-conscious home designer. It’s actually remarkably close to the designs from Alice in Wonderland and Alice; Through the Looking Glass which are both obviously vintage styles.

Vintage Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles are the pinnacle to vintage decorating; their coloring and patterns are a large part of the vintage bathroom vintage bathroom tylesdesign. Vintage bathroom tiles have a varied number of styles which are entirely dependent on the era of fashion that you wish to recreate. Many believe the best eras for bathroom fashion are the earliest points in fashionable design, either the late Victorian or Edwardian styles or the thirties and forties era.

Using black and white tiles in a symmetrical, alternating pattern on just one wall is a popular option. By using the largest, uninterrupted wall to place a diagonal black and white tile pattern you can create the vintage look whilst decorating the other walls using only white tiles to allow for a slightly lighter feeling. Another great vintage style of tiling is using baby blue or turquoise tile patterns of 1930’s chic. These light coloured tiles are great for those into this era, they create a great retro style although they can lack in elegance somewhat.

Make sure your do extensive research before making a choice and once you have, be sure to stick with it. A bathroom where forties retro and Victorian vintage styles mix, for example, will not be pretty or fashionable and you will regret not sticking to your first choice. It’s always a good idea to hire a professional to fit your bathroom, especially if you don’t feel confident about your own DIY-skills.

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