A fence is a structure implemented to prevent movements across boundary. Also, it is used to indicate ownership of property. There are many types of fencing available in market as wooden fencing, metal fencing, uPVC fencing.

uPVC fencing– This type of fencing often called plastic fencing in generic term. This is made up of polyethylene or from recycled plastic. For durable, weatherproof and easy to maintain fencing, uPVC will be the great option. Installing uPVC fencing is much easy as installing metal or wooden fencing and offers more flexibility & durability as well. A wide variety of colors and style available as to match to your perfect home. uPVC fencing can be recycled and can be used for manufacturing process again. So, this can be an environment friendly also and more often used.

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UPVC fence panels & styles

uPVC fencing is available in a variety of styles to suit everyone’s home as well as garden. There are some popular styles of uPVC:

Overlap fencing: uPVC panels are overlapped to create this type of fencing. This is one of an interesting structure but cannot resilient as close board fencing. So, offers an affordable alternative.

Picket fencing: This type of fencing is used where privacy is not an important aspect. It is a traditional small fencing only to mark a boundary and add an element to design. Picket fencing are used for decoration of domestic boundaries with evenly spaced verticle uPVC panels.

Close board fencing: This is used to create strong, perfect fencing option to prevent from strong winds. This can be perfect for privacy and sheltering. This is one of the robust style design of uPVC fencing.

Post fencing: This type uPVC fencing can be built for wooden replacement. Post fence can be used for garden as well. It is simple looking and easy to install. It can be the best option for DIY-ers.

Garden fencing: Installing fence can be used as a style statement or to add charm to the garden. It is used to protect the garden from wandering pets. Garden trellis are installed on fencing panels to increase the height of fence without blocking sufficient sunlight needed for plants to grow. These garden trellis are adding more decorative look to garden.

Pool fencing: This waterproof, weatherproof fencing is used also to protect swimming pool. This is used to create passive barrier to restrict small children to the swimming pool with self latching gates.

Installing uPVC fence is similar as wooden or metal fence. Main installation steps include lay out the fence line for posts, securing posts by digging holes in that place. The post holes should be third of length of post or minimum of one foot deep. Finally pack the holes and ensure that all posts should be in level.

Get up to 4 Free Fencing  Installation Quotes

Hire professional tradesmen for durable fence installation with high quality. An individual who is trusted local tradesmen with the reputed online portal can be fully tested, experienced will help you lot for better guidance. There may also be difficulties with planning regulations and height restrictions depending on where your property is, a fencing professional tradesmen can advise on this.

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