Tips for protecting your hardwood floors

Tips for protecting your hardwood floorsHardwood floors may look absolutely stunning in a home or office, however they require special care and maintenance to avoid sustaining irreparable damage! With people passing through on a regular basis, hardwood floors are susceptible to scuff marks, scratches, stains, dirt and grime and that all incumbent wear-and-tear. Yes, distressed hardwood floors can give a sense of atmosphere and ambiance to a room, however there’s a difference between distressed floors and ruined floorboards! Why not read this simple guide on cleaning hardwood floors and learn how to protect them from ruin!

Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Cleaning a hardwood floor is a lot easier than most people think and you can easily do so within you regular domestic cleaning routine! One tip to keeping a house clean is to always have sparkling looking floors, but a mistake so many people use when it comes to house cleaning is buying expensive, chemical home cleaning products! You don’t need to spend a lot of money before cleaning your hardwood floors.

How To Clean Your Floor The Easy Way

You’ll want to use just warm water. Sometimes people opt to use vinegar – which is fine – just bare in mind you’ll need to dilute the vinegar in water. For example use a cup of water to every 2 litres of water. Make sure the water is warm and not boiling hot as this could damage your wood floors. Next use a damp mop – not a soaking wet one on your floors. If you soak your floors you could cause them to expand, as the water will seep deep in the wooden boards, damaging them for good.

HardWood Floors Cleaning Methods

There are techniques worth mentioning when it comes to cleaning your hardwood floors. So many people say their wood floors fail to come up clean after mopping them and this is because of the technique they are using. You’ll want to try and go with the grain of your floors. If you have a steam cleaner this is another excellent and efficient way of cleaning your wooden floorboards! Another effective way of cleaning your hardwood flooring is to use a vacuum cleaner with a floor-brush attachment.

Deeper Cleaning Tips

For deeper cleaning to remove that dirt, grime or pet hair that aren’t picked up during your weekly mopping, invest in a good quality wood-cleaning product. Again use a damp mop dipped in this product to get your floors spotless and shining. Removing marks or stains from hardwood floors is an imperative part of the cleaning process, if you want your floorboards looking like new. Remember before tackling a stain, find out if your floor has a hard finish or a soft oiled finish and buy the correct product to try and remove it. If it’s a hard finish floor you’ll want to use a soft, clean cloth.

How To Remove Heel Marks

Heel marks can be such a nuisance on your hardwood floor! I’d suggest using a fine steel wool to rub in floor wax and diminish the appearance of the scratching. You can break down greasy stains by using a detergent and repeat the procedure until the stain has gone of is barely visible. Use floor wax and a steel wool sponge to eliminate watermarks.

There’s a natural warmth and unmatched beauty offered by hardwood floors, which is why you’ll want to take extra special care when cleaning them. These tips mentioned above could save you having to hire professional cleaning services more than once a year to give your hardwood floors a deep clean or polish. By habitually cleaning your floors and taking preventive measures to avoid scratching and a build up of dirt and grime, you’ll minimise the need to fork out cash on cleaning companies every three to six months.

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