Tips for Improving Your Electrical System

It is a widely known fact that electricity is the most expensive heating fuel in the UK. If you have an electrical storage heating system, it is recommended for you to replace them with a boiler, heat pump, radiators, underfloor heating, or solar panel system. You may have to install some combination of the options, such as a heat pump with a radiator. While you may spend a lot of money to install a new system, the amount of money you will save in the long run will be well worth it.

Switching to a conventional fuel, such as gas, will typically cost around £2,300 plus the cost of the radiators, if you choose to go that route. Even though that is a larger chunk of money to spend up front, you could cost of your heating bill by nearly half and save over £600 a year.

Some homes are not equipped with a gas supply, but you may eligible for a grant that will help with the cost of getting one installed. Other options include installing an oil boiler and fuel tank, or a renewable heating system such as a heat pump, wood boiler, and solar panel system. These energy-efficient options will cost you more at the start up, but the costs to run them over time are virtually nothing.


Information on controls for electric storage heaters 

If you are unable to replace your electric heating system right now, it will help you to have a good understanding of how to use the controls on your current system so you are saving as much money as possible and not wasting energy.

It is best to contact your local electrical company or an outfit that works with the type of control system you have, as they will be able to give you tips and pointers.

Upgrading your electric storage heaters

Yet another option is for you to install new, more controllable heaters with better controls. While new storage heaters can be expensive, but they are cheaper to install than a brand new central heating system.

Options for upgrade include modern slimline fan-assisted storage heaters, which are better insulated and store heat more readily. You will also have more control over their heat output, enabling you to heat up a room more quickly. You will also be able to set the fans to an automatic temperature based on your preferred room temperature. These more modern types of storage heaters vary considerably in price, but expect to pay between £200 – £500 each. Once you have replaced all your old heaters with fan assisted models and Celect type controls you could expect to save between £120 – £180 per year on your electricity bills.