Timber Treatment

Timber is an important part of a building. Timber adds to the beauty of your home especially when they are left untouched, they give your home this barn like look. However, house owners know that timber should be treated, so as to prevent the horrible incidence of timber damage. If timber is not treated it begins to rot and in the long run become unstable to hold the building. This can be can be devastating if not tackled immediately. Preventing timber damage is very important. Several factors lead to damage of timber. The major factors are:


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Homes with inadequate water proofing always have issue such as Rising damps. Rising damps destroys the foundations and walls of the building. With moisture on the walls and other parts of the house especially on the timber, it is not out of place to see the growth of mold mildews. This fungi infestation gives an unpleasant sight and could pose some health issues. All these end up destroying the timber and affecting you or your family adversely.

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Wood rot are caused by insects. These insects make their home in the timber and continue to eat, burrow and destroy the timber, leaving the timber damaged and the structure unstable.


One responsibility of a house owners is the maintenance and removal of all factors that could damage the timber and the home in general. Timber treatment is very vital to maintaining your beautiful home. To protect and preserve your timber you could take the following actions.

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  • Dry Rot Treatment

The best form of treatment is to identify the source of moisture and have it fixed. Sometimes moisture could be due to Rising damps, water accumulation at the foundation of your home. It could be due to leakages, gutters or even lack of ventilation especially in the bathroom. Whatever the cause is, get it fixed and improve the means of ventilation. The effect is treated with a potent fungicide when the area is dried out. After fungi spores are destroyed, depending on the extent of damage, a new timber pretreated with anti-dry rot is replaced.


  • Insect Treatment

Treatment of insects depends on the specie of the insect, as well as the type of wood involved. Usually timber is treated with water based insecticides. Application of this chemical kills the insects present in the wood and the residue of the chemical kills the eggs and larva and prevents further attack on the wood by the insect. This chemicals can be dangerous. Therefore, standard precaution should be strictly followed when using them though, this is not an issue with professionals.

Treatment and prevention of timber damage is vital. Ensure that your timber is strong, free of moisture and not infested by insect. If you notice signs of damage in the timber, seeking the help of a professional is recommended In order to prevent further damage.

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