Tiling Price Guide & Calculator

This tiling calculator is only designed to give a preliminary estimate on the cost of a new tiling installation or renovating existing tiling. For accuracy you will require a detailed survey and costing. There are many variations that may mean your tiling costs will be less than these average prices.

Room preparation Average cost
Wall tile removal per m² or part £13
Floor tile removal per m² or part £13
Other wall coverings removal paint/paper/timber per m² £13
Removal other floor coverings wood/laminate/vinyl/ carpet per m² or part £6
Preparation of walls/floor for tiling per m² or part £6
Wall & Floor tiling
Wall tiles ceramic per m² or part £25-£35
Floor tiles per m² or part £35-£45
Mosaic and natural stone/slate per m² or part £40-£55
Borders per linear metre or part £35-£55
Wall tiles porcelain per m² or part £35-£45
Large format and designer tiles per m² or part £35-£55
Re-colour existing grout and chemical clean of tiles per m² or part £20

Carpet tiles have been around for over fifty years. Originally they were intended as a robust alternative to normal carpet but are recently becoming more fashionable because an increased number of designs and styles are available. Carpet tiles have a number of benefits over standard carpet and this is also fuelling their popularity.

Benefits of carpet tiles

  • Carpet tiles are very easy to install and therefore can be laid quickly and at a minimal cost. Their size makes them particularly easy to install as there is no need to remove all the furniture from the room, it can simply be worked around the carpet tile installation instead.
  • Carpet tiles are very easy to transport and can be moved around in boxes. This reduces delivery costs or makes it easier for you to pick tiles up yourself.
  • There is no need for underlay with carpet tiles and they can be laid directly on top of laminate, vinyl or concrete with minimal fuss.
  • Due to their small and uniform shapes, carpet tiles are easy to fit in rooms that are an awkward shape.
  • Carpet tiles are available in a number of styles and designs, which means that there is a carpet tile to suit every property.
  • If a carpet tile is damaged it can be removed easily – there’s no need to replace or deep-clean the entire carpet. This makes a full floor of carpet tiles easy to maintain in great condition if one is damaged.
  • Carpet tiles can be easily removed, so they can relocate with you if you choose to move.
  • Carpet tiles are great if you want to design your own flooring. They come as individual squares which means you can mix and match designs and colours for a style that suits your tastes.

Cost of carpet tiles

Carpet tiles have a strong backing to them which gives them extra durability. However, if damaged a single tile can be replaced instead of having to have the whole carpet removed or cleaned. Carpet tiles are much cheaper than regular carpet and can be found in many and elaborate designs.

If you are in doubt about which carpet tiles are suitable for your property then speak to your interior deisgner or carpet fitter for some advice on what would be most suitable for your style and use. For best results always hire a professional carpet fitter and ask for references and proof of insurance credentials before you hire.