The game of the third color in the living room

The interior for the room where the entire family spends most of the time is from a great importance. One, the right choice of colors and objects adds to the entire improvement of the home atmosphere and two – it makes much greater impression than one gets from just walking into the room. You can surprise your friends and guests only by the choice of colors and a great way to start it is to play with the third contrasting color.

It’s a color that will jazz up only the objects that you want to change into the most remarkable ones in the living room. The contrasting effect of the third color becomes even greater if you use a monochrome interior design or no more than 3-4 different colors. The white plays a key role for the entire home improvement, because it is a symbol of the clean environment. Moreover, you can easily deal with the decision for home cleaning, because it is much easier to see where are the dirty spots and other soiled areas onto the white or pale surfaces. Choose an interior design only with white painted walls and ceilings, as well as unobtrusive light floor covering such as a rug or a hand-knotted carpet with short fibers. This will make the carpet cleaning much easier as well, while it is also lighter and easier for removal, rotating, turning, etc. Furnish the living room with objects and items that feature that magical third color, for example – peachy green, light olive or go on the extravagant side by a kind of magenta as third color.

The furnishings will therefore become truly remarkable and if you choose the right ones – they can even turn into the biggest pieces of art in your living room. Take a pick of furnishings that provide comfort and coziness, as well as capture the senses with soft upholstery and amazing contrasting colors. A kind of an orange lounge chair or sofa is a great choice as a seating unit, especially when it has green or reddish cushions that you can easily put off aside to make another amazing combination of colors.

A side table with a huge and tall table lamp is the next idea in this list. Just make sure that the lamp has a slightly contrasting color than this of the side table. The small tables are less noticeable and the best thing is that they are easy for cleaning. Only a few minutes of polishing every week with a cloth and hygiene spray is enough instead of calling a professional cleaning company once a year. Moreover, choose a side table with almost the same color as the interior design of the living room, so the color of the table lamp will pop up quite easily. A dark or a light table with a wooden texture should play a great combination with a light olive or reddish lamp.

Decorate the living room with a number of wallpapers or with only one and outstanding. Choose your own favorite design for the wallpaper and decide whether you prefer a vintage traditional layout or a more contemporary layout. Yet the color is from a great importance, because it will be truly remarkable on the white walls. This will make the image of the wallpaper, the lamp on the side table and the cushions on the lounge chairs to become the sights that will play the major roles in the game of the third color in the living room.