The Different Types of Fire Doors & Fire Extinguishers

fire-doorMany people are concerned about the safety of their buildings. Should there be a fire outbreak, reducing the risk of fatality is also important to them. Are you among this set of people that have these concerns. If your answer is in the affirmative, you need a fire door. Fire doors are so important that they are the reason why some people are still alive after experiencing a fire outbreak.

Fire doors can be considered as a part of fire protection system that are designed to stop or reduce the spread of smoke and fire in a building in the case of a fire outbreak. These doors are made of fire resistant materials that confer the ability to resist fire to the door.

Example of these materials are:

  • Steel
  • Fire resistant timber
  • Vermiculite board; this is a silicate mineral product that can withstand high temperatures
  • Glass that are treated for shock and fire resistance
  • Gypsum; this is a sulfate mineral product that is used to absorb heat

Fire doors are seldom seen in private homes and apartments but, are always seen in large buildings such as factories industrial buildings and commercial centers.

Fire Doors Installation

Installations of fire doors are a little more complex than the usual doors. In most buildings installations of fire doors goes with the installations of other fire monitoring items such as fire security alarm and fire control products. In many cases installations of fire doors entails the removal of walls, cutting of metallic steel, installing steel and insulating them as well. All these, no doubt, makes this job that of an expert. If you intend to install a fire door to your building ensure that you hire a professional who knows and understands this art. This will help in ensuring that your door is effective and can stand the taste of time.

Fire Extinguishers Types

fire-extinguishersThere are different reasons for a fire outbreak. Most fire surge at homes and in offices is as a result of bad wiring, accidents on the stoves, or mal-functioning electrical appliances. Fire outbreak in the case of chemical like solvents can also take place. It is always advisable to select the right kind of fire extinguishers that could handle your fire needs whether at home or in your office.

Dry chemical – Made up of certain chemical compounds for use in extinguishers to combat type A, B, and C fires that are solid combustible, flammable or electrical fires. This particular kind of multipurpose ABC dry chemical extinguisher is what you need in your home and office.

Foams – These kinds of extinguishers are very powerful to combat type A and B fires. Though useful in type D fires (combustible metals) it is not advisable for use in electrical fires.

Wet chemical – Is suitable for kitchen use (K class) fires that has to do with fat and oil. These extinguishers come with special nozzles to create a vapor that is applicable to type B and C fires.

Water – extinguishers that are water-based has a limited application to type A fires. Therefore, they have little recommendation.

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