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The 7 Perfect Steps to Renovate Your Garage with Style

garage guest house conversionHome renovations tend to be a stressful project that many homeowners take either for the love of do-it-yourself or for the sake of home improvement. No matter what the reason is, you want to ensure that your renovation is perfect and done with style.

The garage is usually the part of the home that is renovated by many homeowners. It is usually renovated or remodeled into an additional living space in the house, be it a bedroom or a game room for the family.

If you are renovating your garage and are looking into remodeling it to a livable space, here are the seven steps that you should follow in order to achieve the look that you want:

  • Create a budget and a plan. Know how much you are willing to spend on this renovation. Make sure you have a cushion for extra expenses that may add up. This keeps you in check during the renovation. In addition to this, already create a plan of how you will proceed with the renovation and what the end result should be. A budget and a plan made early on will make the entire process smooth. This keeps you on track without overspending and making sure you still achieve the end result you want.
  • Get an approval. Consult a building inspector first before starting your renovation and get an approval for the renovation that you’re planning. This can save you money down the road. Ask for some insight and recommendations from the inspector for your renovation.
  • Insulate and regulate temperature. If the garage will be turned to a usable living space, the temperature inside should be regulated. To do this, the garage should be well-insulated. This will keep the new room comfortable even during the long winter. In addition to insulating, you also have to consider the cooling and heating conditions in the garage for summer and winter. Don’t skip installing a moisture barrier on the concrete floors, as well. This prevents water retention and ensures that the tiles won’t be hampered by the moisture.
  • Add windows and doors. To convert the garage to a truly livable space, install windows and door. This allows the natural light and air to flow into the new room and make it feel homey. This also lets you create more design options for the room.
  • Plumbing and wiring. Ensure that the new room has access to running water and toilet to make it livable. However, always consult a garage with styleprofessional plumber to do the drains and water lines. The electrical wiring is also another consideration. Make sure that you have proper wiring in the garage when renovating it. Call an electrician to inspect your garage and finish the necessary electrical works.
  • Design stylish interiors. After all the necessary aspects of the garage has been changed and reconstructed, it’s now time to get creative and design a fun interior for the room. Opt for stylish interiors that match your home. You can turn it to a mini oasis depending on your family’s needs. This can be a fun game room for the family or a guest bedroom for when you have family or friends over. Make design plans with the family if you’re up for it to make everyone involved in the renovation process.
  • Get a certificate. After completing the renovation of your garage, get a completion certificate from the building inspector. This certificate is proof that everything was finished and met the regulations and standards of your area. Successfully completing the renovation can add value to your home and comfort to the family. It also attracts potential buyers, if you’re looking into selling your home later on.

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