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Air conditioning

The Benefits of a Humidifier for Your Home

Did you know that the winter cold or summer heat can cause the air conditioning to dry? Well, yes, they can. When your...

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DIY, patios-driveways

Block paving cleaning: How to clean block paving

Is your block paving covered in moss, slime or stains? Find out how to get your paving sparkling in just 30 minutes...

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Just finished renovations? An inspection is your best bet. Here’s why.

The picture is a common one: You’ve put in months and months of slog and hard work to get close to finished. You’re...

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tree removal

Tree Removal Cost & Tree Surgeon Costs

Tree surgery can help transform the look of your garden in just a few hours or matter of days – and luckily tree...

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Cost guides, Inspectors & Appraisers, Pest control

Pest Control Cost Guide 2020 – Pest Control Prices UK

Pests can pose a serious hazard to your health. Find out more about the common household pests and the average pest...

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Cost guides, Home Design & Decor, Painters & decorators

Painting & Decorating Prices: Cost To Hire A Painter In 2020

The average cost to paint a room is between £330 and £500, and the cost to paint the interior of a house ranges from...

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Cost of Living in London: Explained

Rife with golden opportunities, living in London is a dream come true. There’s no doubt in my mind when I say that...

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Five Habits That Can Damage Your Plumbing System

Everyone has a particular habit that they can’t help to stop. For instance, maybe you like biting your fingernails or...

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Block Paving Prices : Cost of Block Paving

Paving blocks can be used to re-design your garden or driveway, or as a way of levelling out your garden with a brand...

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