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Combi Boiler Prices UK & Installation Cost

Boiler installation, Boilers, Heating & Cooling

Whether you’re replacing an old boiler or installing a brand new one, a combination (combi) boiler will keep your...

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Latest viessmann range of condensing boilers

Boiler installation, Boilers, Central Heating

In the past, Viessmann has had excellent reception in the UK market with their previous 100-W WB1B heating system...

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Understanding the Central Heating Controls

Central Heating, Central heating

In this piece, we are going to take a look at different central heating controls, which are placed away from a boiler...

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Benefits & Disadvantages of LPG Central Heating Boilers

Boiler installation, Boilers

It may not seem that way with so many houses having gas heating systems, but nearly 3.6m households all around the UK...

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Cost of Central Heating – Central Heating Prices UK

Boiler installation, boiler repair, Cost guides, Heating & Cooling

Central heating is less of a luxury and more of a fundamental necessity for every UK home! Even the idea of going even...

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Heating and Hot Water: Thermostats

Central Heating

Heating your home is imperative to your overall comfort and warmth, especially in the cold winter months. There are...

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Understanding How Underfloor Heating Systems Work

Central Heating

What’s Underfloor Heating? This process of warming a dwelling is used since the Neolithic and Neoglacial eras....

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Underfloor Heating Systems Cost & Benefits Of Installation

Central Heating, Flooring

Underfloor heating is becoming a popular choice in all kinds of homes – but how much does underfloor heating cost?...

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