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A Guide To Interior Designers Fees: How Much Do They Charge?

Cost guides, Home Design & Decor, Painters & decorators

Hiring an interior designer is often a worthwhile investment. As part of renovating or decorating your home, they can...

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How Much Does it Cost to Re-Roof a House

Cost guides, Reroofing

Roof repair and replacement are a very common in the UK. However, as roofs come in many different sizes and shapes and...

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How Much Does It Cost To Lay A New Patio In 2019?

Cost guides, Patios & Driveways

If you are planning to build a new patio, you need to know which factors affect mostly the cost as several might be out...

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What Is The Cost of Installing Window Shutters In 2019?

Blinds, Cost guides, Doors & Windows

More British home-owners are investing in the benefits and advantages of new window shutters. Find out more about the...

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A Guide To Worktops Costs – How To Choose The Right One

Kitchen, Kitchens

Kitchen renovations can give you the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted. Your kitchen won’t only look great, it...

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Planning Permission for Sheds

home improvements, Regulations

All those who posses a garden shed know how important it is, as you can easy store different materials and items,...

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Pricing Up New Roofs & Roof Repairs in the UK

Cost guides, Reroofing, Roofing

Buying a new roof isn’t quite as straightforward as most first timers tend to expect. Not that is isn’t...

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House Refurbishment Tips To Double Your Property’s Value

Cost guides, Extensions & Remodels, Refurbishment

Perhaps you want to move to a different state which demands selling of your house; or maybe, you just moved to a new...

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ACO Drain Channels Prices & Installation Cost

Cleaning Services, Drain lining

ACO drains are specifically designed channels or gullies that filter excess water around your home exterior and...

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Cost Of Combi Boiler Installation:Wholesale & Retail Prices

Boiler installation, Boilers, Cost guides, Heating & Cooling

What is a combi boiler? Combination boilers are economical and will provide your home with a constant flow of water,...

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Asbestos Air Testing/Monitoring prices:How much does it cost?

Asbestos removal, Cost guides, Inspectors & Appraisers

Those people living in homes built before the year 2000 now are left worrying about the feasible traces of asbestos...

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How Much Do Solar Thermal Panels Cost? Average Cost For Solar Panels in the UK

Heating & Cooling, Solar panels

Solar thermal panels may cost quite a good amount to initially install, but they carry with them these benefits:...

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