Step by Step Guide to Cleaning Your Washing Machine in the Proper Way

Keeping the washing machine clean is not really a tough job. However, the job is not too straightforward either. If you have been wondering lately how to keep your machine clean at all times, this post will guide you through the whole process. Read along and discover how to prevent odors, soap scum, lime-scale building etc. Hopefully, the following 5 tips should make the cleaning part a lot easier for you:

1. Have your detergent drawer cleaned thoroughly

One of the places of a washing machine where lots of germs, moulds and encrusted powders can be found is definitely the detergent drawer. Hence, it becomes essential to have the drawer cleaned as nicely as possible. For this purpose, removing the drawer completely or entirely from the washing machine, and using an unused old toothbrush to clean the thing properly can do wonders. You can also use some kind of ordinary domestic cleaning tool with good efficiency.

2. Be careful with the filter, as it needs to be unblocked too

The filter of a washing machine is, quite normally, pretty good at accumulating germs as well. The warmth and humidity existing around it makes things even worse in most cases. As a result, it becomes quite essential to empty the filter on a regular basis, and remove the unwanted dirt and fluff that have gathered inside this part.

3. Know that cleaning the drum is a very significant step

It is very much possible that the interior of the washing machine may look really and truly clean, almost sparkling, but not be totally germ-free. External cleanliness in no way indicates that there is no germ at all. The look of cleanliness is often misleading. A washing machine has just too many holes or cracks where germs can build relatively easily, and it is not a smart thing to ignore these germs. What you need to do is perform empty wash from time to time. Making use of dishwasher tablets or soda crystals, and running on hot wash of around 60 degrees should clean the machine nicely. This process will rightly remove germs, lime-scales, soap scum and bad odors.

4. Try your best to keep the machine smell-free

Bad smell is really not that unusual when it comes to washing machines. But just because it is usual, does not mean that you should tolerate it. Having washed the clothes, keep the door of your washing machine open for quite a while. This practice is essential in order to let air circulate properly near the drum. This kind of subtle care ensures that the growth of germs remains prohibited to a great extent, if not completely.

5. Be cautious while choosing a detergent to use

When it comes to choice of detergent, the best thing you can probably do is make use of powder detergents, instead of using liquid ones. Liquid softeners as well as extra suds are often related to machine residue production. This kind of residue ends up making the whole machine smell bad, and you do not truly want that!