Space Saving Tips for Small Bedrooms

The demand for apartments or houses is at an all-time high, especially now that people are working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The increase in demand for homes has created a shortage and has driven up the cost of housing. The available spaces are somewhat smaller in size, with some being compared to shoeboxes and only fit for children. The bedroom is not only used for sleeping; it is a multi-functional space that many people have had to come up with different ideas on how to maximise tight spaces.

Benefits of a Small Bedroom.

There are many benefits to having a small bedroom as they are much more accepted than oversized bedrooms. The following are four benefits of having a small bedroom;

  • A smaller bedroom takes less time to clean, which means more time to spend on more important matters.
  • A smaller bedroom means less money to keep it warm or cool. It takes more energy to heat or cool a bigger room which will result in higher electric bills.
  • It is cheaper to decorate a small bedroom than a large one. A large bedroom with one or two pieces of furniture will look cold and uninviting.
  • Smaller bedrooms are easier to organise. A larger space forces you to purchases unnecessary items to fill it up.

Living in a smaller bedroom does not mean you won’t have any space to put your precious items. It just means finding innovative ways to save space while not allowing it to become claustrophobic and unlivable.

Here are thirteen space-saving tips for small bedrooms.

1. Hanging Shoe Racks

Hanging shoe racks can be placed over your bedroom door or from hooks. They can hold multiple types of shoes from flip flops, stilettos, sneakers, and boots. Empty spots can be used to store bags, hats, jewelry and clothing.

2. Built-in Wardrobes

Free-standing wardrobes take up too much room and have spaces that can only be filled with cobwebs and dust. Built-in wardrobes come in many designs and can utilise every nook and cranny of space.

3. Smaller Furniture

Invest in a twin-size bed instead of a queen. They are cheaper, take up less space, and just as comfortable. You can also purchase smaller or narrower furniture that won’t take up much space.

4. No Headboards

Giant headboards take up too much space and serve no other purpose than to look pretty. Get rid of your headboard and utilise that extra two inches of space positively by hanging paintings or installing more shelves. You can also use this space to hang clothes.

5. Under Bed Storage

Storing extra clothes, shoes, and linens under your bed is a unique way to use up the space that is usually left bare or when you have no more room in your closet. If your bed is low, you can invest adjustable bed riser to give you more space.

6. Hide-Away Your Bed

Hiding your bed or using a pull-out bed is another way of making more space. These types of beds are taken out when needed then stored when not in use. If you use your bedroom for more than one function, these types of furniture are perfect for saving space.

7. Multi-Function Furniture

Having multi-functional/multi-purpose furniture in your bedroom is a sure way of saving space. There are many types of furniture that have more than one use. Chairs with tables attached, convertible chair beds, and storage stools are great ways to save space.

Don’t have room for a desk and nightstand or even a dresser? Save money and space by only buying one table that can be used as both a workstation and dresser.

8. Install Corner Shelves

The corner of a room is where you would usually put a potted plant or a mirror. Those things take up unnecessary space. Consider installing corner shelves in layers for more space to keep make-up, succulents, and photos.

9. Install Floating Wall Shelves / Floating Desks

Floating shelves look like they defy gravity while saving space. They are creative and functional as they provide storage options while taking up minimal space.

Floating desks can be installed on walls or attached to windows. They are functional while not taking up much floor space.

10. Foldable Furniture

Foldable furniture saves space and gets rid of clutter because they are used only when needed. Foldable furniture is inexpensive, easy to transport and comes in many different styles, colours, and sizes.

11. Scarf, Belt, and Tie Organiser

Scarves, belts, and ties might seem like they wouldn’t take up much space, but they can make a room look cluttered. Use an organiser or hooks to hang them up to save on space.

12. Mirror and Jewelry Organisers

A mirror and jewelry organiser is a great way to combine functionality and creativity. A jewelry organiser keeps them safe, untangled, and within reach. Put on your jewelry, then admire yourself in the mirror before heading out.

13. Install Sconces / Wall Lights

Sconces are perfect for small bedrooms because they do not take up to much space like floor or table lamps and are energy-efficient. They provide just enough light and are not harsh on the eyes like most overhead lighting.

14. Use a Clothing Rack

The benefit of a clothing rack is that you can have your clothes in sight and ready to wear. A clothing rack allows you to identify which piece of clothing you often wear, what you need to give away, and what to put in storage.

15. Use Safety Hooks

Hanging your jeans or pants on safety hooks (S hooks) by their belt loops not only gives you more space but allows you to have access to all of them at one time.

There are many other creative and innovative ways you can save space in a small bedroom. A small bedroom packed with unnecessary furniture or disorganized can make anyone feel claustrophobic. Use a combination of some or all of the tips to make your bedroom spacious, organized, and uncluttered.