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Why Install A Solar Water Feature In Your Garden

A solar water feature can be a great centre-piece or addition to any garden pond or rockery – but how much will to cost?

solar water feature

Brightening up your back garden with a new solar water feature or outdoor water fountain can be the perfect way to provide an attractive focal point to your latest refurbishment or renovation; not to mention.

Choosing a Solar Water Feature

There are a range of different aspects to a new solar water feature that might affect the final purchase cost and installation price, including:

  • The size and shape of your solar water outdoor feature; the larger the feature, the more expensive it is likely to be.
  • The kind of materials used to create the water feature; ceramic, granite and marble models are usually a lot more expensive than aluminium or cheap plastic u-PVC units.
  • How decorative and elaborate your water feature is; solar water fountains come in a variety of different styles and designs for you to choose from, including garden urns, trunks, cascades and pumps to sleek, metallic models and more modern, polygon, and stand-alone features.
  • Whether it is a stand-alone model or requires some kind of foundations to be dug up for permanent installation.
  • Whether you choose to install the feature yourself or hire a landscape gardener to do the work for you.
  • Ease of access to the nearest water supply, and whether or not any plumbing work needs to be done on top of the installation of the main feature itself.
  • How many solar panels your feature has included, and whether solar energy is going to be its sole source of fuel.
  • Some water features come as hybrid units designed to resort to the property’s electricity supply
    should the solar panels start to fail – but this will obviously cost more in model price and installation fees.

Solar Water Feature Prices

So exactly how much does a solar-powered water feature cost? Well to give you a rough idea, we sourced three figures from the following websites:

  • – £19 – 130
  • – £50 – 150
  • – £22 – 190

*All prices sourced from respective website and rounded to the nearest pound. Accurate as of June water fountain

It is worth noting that these prices are just rough estimates from a few online sources, and for more detailed and accurate quotes you should go searching as many different retailers as possible – both on the high street and online!

Create a tally or score card of how much the models you like cost from place to place, and then compare these with potential installation costs to see what the best value for money is in your local area. Fortunately most solar water features aren’t too expensive – so you should be able to find one even if you have a particularly modest budget!

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