Solar panels

Solar Panels Buying Guide

Best location for solar panels

  • Solar panels perform better on south-facing roofs at an angle of 30 degrees above the horizontal. In the United Kingdom solar PV panels best perform at an angle of 65 degrees.
  • Try to install the panels away from shady areas such as trees, building and chimneys as this will have a negative impact on their performance.
  • Before placing a panel on the roof keep in mind that solar panels require regular checks and maintenance, so you need to make sure that they are easily accessible.

Planning permission for solar panels

  • Most domestic solar panels do not require planning permission, provided they respect certain size criteria.
  • Listed buildings, world heritage sites and buildings in conservation areas might require special permission.
  • To find out if you require planning permission for your solar panel contact your local council.
  • For more information on planning permission visit the Energy Saving Trust web site.

Installing solar panel systems

The best location to install solar panels is usually the roof as it has the required structural specifications. Just mount the hardware and its appropriate flashing and you’ll have energy. In case the roof is not very suitable, this can be solved by using various other mounting options that are available such as shade awnings or ground-mount.

Inverter Installation: The best location for the inverter is indoors near the main electric panel as when it is placed in a cool place it performs better.

System Monitoring: A system monitoring is a hardware that helps you view remotely the performance through a computer or a wireless device.

Additional Hardware: i) battery back-up system and ii) gas generator (mostly jneeded for stand-alone systems).

Tip For Maximising solar water heating efficiency

The size, type and positioning of the panels affects the efficiency and effectiveness of a solar water heating systems.

Proper Installation: Ensuring that your installation is done in the best possible way is of crucial importance. The water tank and the pipes need to be insulated properly if you want to improve the performance of you solar heating system.

Householder Behaviour: You can improve your solar system’s performance by making sure that the pumps and timers are set correctly. Also, by taking part in the EST trial can help you improve your solar system’s performance significantly.


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