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Solar Panel Installation Cost – How Much Does it Cost to Install Solar Panels

Solar PV price range = £6,000 to £10,000+
Solar PV average cost = £10,000
Solar PV cheapest price = £6,000Solar thermal panel price range = £1,000 to £8,000
Solar thermal panel average cost: £4,800
Solar thermal panel cheapest price: £1,000

Solar panel cost factors

  • Costs for solar panels will vary depending on which installment company you decide to use, so make certain to compare prices and do an in-depth search to get a range of quotes

  • If you are looking to save money do bear in mind that most domestic systems cost around £3,000 per kWp (Kilowatt peak), but smaller PV systems cost proportionately more

  • A PV solar system can make you up to GBP670 annually if entitled to the Feed-In Tariff scheme
    How about solar panel maintenance costs?

Solar panels don’t require much care, only make certain that they’re kept clear and aren’t over-shadowed by trees. PV solar panels should continue at least 25 years; nonetheless you’re going to need to replace the inverter at some stage, which will cost around GBP1,000. Nevertheless, it is wise to have accredited installer give them a fast check every three to five years. Solar panel installation costs will also vary, so be sure you have hired a professional who is honest and trustworthy.

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