Sash Windows Prices – How Much Do Sash Windows Cost?

sash-windowsSash windows seem have been around forever, with various countries claiming them theirs. Certainly towards the end of the seventeenth century, sash windows were apparent in England, for example at Chatsworth House, Kensington Palace and the Hampton Court Palace, among many others. This appealing style of window is basically made of panes of glass set into a sash which moves up and down, or side to side.

Sash Windows Prices

Price Range = £300 to £3,000  Average Cost = £1,000        Cheapest Price = £300

Sash window prices will fluctuate depending on a multitude of variables, including the type of sash window you opt for, the type of , where in the UK you are located, and especially the number of your windows you might need. This cost guide can help you work out the prices for the particular type of sash window you need.

Single Sash: 60cms x 100cms White uPVC from £192
Single Sash: 90cms x 100cms White uPVC from £233
Single Sash: 120cms x 100cms White uPVC from £250
Single Sash: 150cms x 100cms White uPVC from £282                                                

What types of sash windows are available?

  1. Single-hung sash window

This style of sash window only has one section which moves. In most examples of this window the bottom pushes up whilst the top is fixed in place. This style is an older design and thus usually found in older homes. If the window is very old it will probably have a pulley set-up of weights and cords used to open and close it. As they usually only have a single pane of glass in the frame they tend to be less energy efficient than more contemporary windows.

  1. Double-hung sash window

These types of windows slide both up and down with both sections able to open and close. This is an improvement on single-hung sash windows and so has become standard in more recent properties. Often this style is found in a classic six over six; two rows in each section, divided into three panes for each, for a total of six panes in the top section of the window and six panes in the bottom.

There are variations on this but the six by six is the main one. One of the best features of this window style is that both sections can be partially opened, so in the summer, heat will leave through the opening whilst the cooler outside air enters through the bottom. This style also doesn’t include weights and pulleys, instead opting for a more modern mechanism to slide the window. Sections of newer windows can also be removed from the frame for repair or cleaning. Double-paned glass may also be used as insulation.

  1. Horizontal sliding sash

This style has two sashes that slide sideways within the window frame. Horizontal sliding sash windows are far less common than their vertical counterpart. Often they are referred to as Yorkshire Windows as this style is typical to that part of the UK and could have quite possibly originated from there.

What are the advantages of sash windows?

  • First and foremost has to be kerb appeal; there is no denying they are a beautiful addition to any home.
  • Sash windows are also suited to the wet climate Britain has, as they can be closed down to a narrow gap meaning the room can still enjoy good ventilation whilst reducing the risk of rain entering.
  • Longevity; due to being encased within the box the sashes are less susceptible to distortion and rot than a hinged casement.
  • Window corners do not protrude when open which eliminates the possibility of injury.

What are the disadvantages of sash windows?

  • Access to the exterior is hard for those located on the second storey or above.
  • Small panes of glass mean hard work when cleaning.
  • Repainting can be a very messy job if the painter is not skilled in painting sash windows, it can also lead to window jams if not done correctly.
  • If the sash window has a faulty mechanisms it could very easily injure somebody.
  • Rattles and draughts.

How Much Do uPCV Sash Windows Cost?

There is a lot of disagreement surrounding uPVC sash windows, many people argue they perform a disservice to period properties; nonetheless others upvc sash windows costmaintain that the advantages far outweigh the negatives; uPVC is cheaper than wood, longlasting and low – care. For a 1x1m uPVC window you would certainly be looking at a price of around £300.

How Much Do Wooden Sash Windows Cost?

Before you opt to replace your wooden sash windows you need to think about repairing or restoring them, while this often works out to get a cheaper alternative, though it could nevertheless cost between £50 to £1,000 per window, depending on which state they’re in.

How Much Do Double Glazed Sash Windows Cost?

Upgrading your sash windows with double glazing would cost about £250 per-square metre, this cost would cover both the supply and setup.

How Much Do Box Sash Windows Cost?

Box sash windows, being a more involved design, often cost a little more. Costs begin at around £500 and will simply cost upwards of £1,000 per window.

Cheap Sash Windows

In order to keep sash window prices low, it is worth shopping around and getting several estimates from distinct sash window companies, before purchasing one. A different way to save cash with sash windows is always to consider getting your current ones restored, although it is still an expensive  option.


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