Roof Repairs: Slipped & Missing Tiles, Defect Roof Pointing

A roof is an integral part of every home as it abolishes the outside of the property, helps save energy and makes us feel safer. However, as roofs deteriorate with the passing of time, roof repairs become absolutely necessary in order to prevent further damages.

roof repairs

Many people consider their home as one of their most precious possessions and they will do anything to protect it, starting from the top of the house to the foundation. The roof is a very important part of every home that requires special attention because of the many different  purposes it serves but also because it is exposed to different weather conditions and other physical factors that weakens or damages it.

Homeowners who have detected serious problems with their roof will need to hire a professional roofing company or roof repair specialist or expert, especially when the damage is big, that can help you fix common roof problems such as: sagging roof slopes, missing slates and tiles and others.

Roof defects expose the house and its inhabitants to a lot of danger and further reduce the value of the property. Hence, it becomes imperative that any damage to the roof is fixed immediately by experts. Roof repairs cost varies depending on the damage and level of roof deterioration each time.

If the roof defects requires working at a length, extra costs of hiring scaffold adds up to the total cost of roof repairs. A little defect in roof can lead to massive deterioration of the entire roof and house. This is the reason why all roof damages should be fixed as soon as they are noticed. It is important to note the signs of roof deterioration. Below are some things to look out for and the best remedy or repair.

Slipped and missing slates and tiles

This roof defect is characterised by small gaps from cracked, slipped or missing slates or tiles, which allow the rain to penetrate the roof. Usually roofs that are not are not older than 50 years, have a protecting underlay that provides a secondary defense against water penetration. Therefore, rain blown by wind under the tiles are channeled into the gutters.

Dislodged or missing tiles are usually caused by people walking on roof or during the installation of gadgets such as CCTV, satellites etc. Most times these vacuums are created by a storm. This is another defect that could cause rain ingress is gaps between tiles or slates near the gable ends.

Few slipped or missing tile or slate can be fixed or replaced easily. However, this should be done immediately they are noticed to prevent further damage to the structure.

Removing broken tiles and slates

Broken tiles could be removed and replaced by the following simple steps:

  1. Lift the 2 tiles with wooden wedges.
  2. Raise the damaged tile off the bottom using a hand trowel.
  3. Gentle and carefully slide it out and replace with a new tile.
  4. Finally hook the nib over the batten.

Slates are more difficult to replace because they are nailed to batten. Despite, the fact that slates are more natural and durable, nails could corrode. However, slates can be replaced or fixed by using aluminum alloy nail.

How to identify defective roof pointing


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Defective roof pointing can be easily recognized by slipped ridge and hip tiles, missing hip iron, leaks and damp within the left and to the upper roof timber, gaps and loose mortar at the joints between ridge tiles.

Another way to identify roof defects is leaks and damps within the left and to the upper timber. The damaged roof needs to be repaired immediately to prevent further roof deterioration, as if it is left unrepaired, it may lead to decay of the roof timber. In addition storms may dislocate ridge tiles, which can cause harm to the inhabitants of the building and those living around the property.

Cases of sagging roof line

This type of roof defect or damage is common next to gable end and party walls. When the rafters have settled more than adjoining masonry. In more severe cases a structural engineer may need to be consulted or hired. Causes of these defect includes:

  • Rotten or beetle infested timber due to long term leakage and inadequate ventilation.
  • Rafters pushing outwards, causing the top of the wall to swell. This implies that the rafter may sink and cause the roof to dip at the center.
  • Weak roof timber could also be the cause for sagging roof. This occurs when rafter may have been inadequately spliced when the house was originally built or may have been cut without strengthening of the rafters.
  • Overloading– Where dishing may be as a result of previous recladding with modern concrete roof tile that are usually heavier. This is worsen is roof timber are not strengthened.

How to reinforce a roof structure

An overloaded or weakened roofline can be repaired by improving the existing roof framing. The wall also must be stabilized if sagging is due to settlement to supporting internal walls. Roof spread repair can be performed by installing new collars. While, rotten timbers should be replaced or sliced alongside or bolted with metal plates. This solution works best if the sources of roof leaks are also deal with.

Roofing materials natural deterioration

Just as most building material, slates and tiles do reach the end of their life span. When this happens, you will discover that more tiles are missing or damaged. Usually a condition where there is 10 or more tiles missing or damaged at the same time on you roof is a strong indication that your roof is reaching the end of it its life span.

Removing old roofing materials

To remedy this situation, remove old roofing materials and replace with new ones. How long a roof lives depends on the quality of material used, the level of exposure of roof to physical and climatic factors that hasten its degradation and finally the age of the roof. Therefore, whenever you plan to install a new roof, ensure that the materials used are of high standard. Professionals roofers always insist on the use of materials of high quality.

Usually, older roofs are stronger and last longer than modern roofs. This can be attributed to the fact that materials used earlier in roofing were superior to those used today. It might interest you to know that handmade clay tiles or stone slates that were used in the past can last over 150 years, while the roof tiles used today can last for about 70 years.

Nevertheless, older slate roofs should be routinely checked for signs of softening and flaking. Softening can be attributed to expansion as water freezes and expands. Is your roof in this condition? If the answer to this question is in the affirmative. You might need a complete recovery. Though this is rare. However, consult a reputable surveyor to determine the step to take.

Slates or tiles reaching the end their life



To remedy the effects of slates or tiles reaching the end of their life span the roof should be stripped down to the rafters and a new underlay should be installed and then rebatten and finally recover the roof. With experienced and the help of reputable roofing contractors/companies you can reduce the cost of roof repairs as they can reuse slates or clay tile that are still reusable.

Roof valley replacement

It is true that roof gallery replacement is a common repair especially on tiled roofs because they corrodes with the passing of time. The roof valley corrosion may be facilitated by trapped leaves and debris. Gradually rust hole develops, widen and become worse. Replacing your valley is no big deal. Valleys that are build with preformed tiles are stronger and durable.

Any defective tile need to  be replaced and because roof valleys deteriorate due to corrosion they also need to be relined. You can reline your valley using valley trays of glass – reinforced polyester. Replacing traditional lead work with matching new materials is also a good solution when working with old roofs. The following steps are ideal for replacing property a defective lead and zinc valley.

  • First, strip back the old lining and then check the base timber to ensure that it is in good condition.
  • After that, replace the old lining with new strips of code 4- thickness lead turned back and raised up at the edge.
  • Between the lead and the valley board, insert a thin layer of fibrous material.
  • Finally, fix the lead in place with copper nail hidden under the overlap.

Butterfly roof repairs 

Today the number of butterfly roofs is on the rise. This type of roof has a central valley located behind a front parapet wall, which is often hidden and easy damaged because of being neglected, resulting into additional expenses on the part of the homeowner. To solve this problem, it is necessary to understand that new lead work is required. In addition, it might be necessary to replace any rotten timber boards.

Scaffold hire

When roof repair work is needed such as re-plastering, painting, replacing rafts and rotting boards or installing new equipment, scaffolding is required.
Homeowners will need to hire scaffold when they are planning to do any repairs above the ground. In many cases, using a ladder for these repairs may be inefficient and even dangerous. Scaffolding hire provides flexible use and presents a wide variety of applications in construction and maintenance. Scaffolding is made up of three components : tubes or pipes, couplers and boards.

Once the setup and installation of the scaffold is completed the structure is easy to use. However, the installation and assembling of the scaffold can be a very complicated job. It is recommended that you entrust this kind of job to professional scaffolding company with a license to do the job. This will give you peace of mind as you do the job. The cost of scaffold hire will depend on the height and duration of use of the scaffold. Addition of other accessories may slightly raise the cost of hire.

Bay windows

Bay windows are becoming increasingly more popular. Apart from allowing more light into the room, it also makes it look larger than it actually is. The majority of bay windows today comes with seating. Are you planning to refurbish your home? If your answer is yes, then the installing a bay window is one way to make your home lighter and more beautiful.

The cost of installing a bay window it depends on the number and size of windows that you are looking to install. In addition, the type of frame to be used contributes to the cost of installing a bay window. Among the different frame for bay window includes: Wooden frame and UPVC framed windows. UPVC is cheaper than wooden frames. They are cheaper because they do not require much maintenance. They will not warp and they come in wide variety of colors. Despite, the fact that UPVC frame is less expensive. Many people still prefer wooden frames. Perhaps, this is due to its popularity. Therefore, if you are looking to spend less on bay windows, UPVC is the way to go.

Double glazing window

Installation of double glazing window can increase the energy efficiency of your home. This window can also reduce draught coming in through your older window. Replacement of bay in double glazing is more expensive but in the long run it saves you money that should have been spent in fuel bills. The cost of installation of double glazing bay window depend on the rating of the double glazing choice.


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