Rain Gutter Cleaning & Maintenance After Reroofing

rain guttering cleaningOnce you have had your roof installed it is inevitable that at some point you will reroof and during reroofing you will need to be concerned with rain gutter cleaning and maintenance. This is one among the large number of responsibilities that comes with having a house.

After every last piece of your roof has been taken down, cleaning your gutters before reroofing is important because roofs hold a lot debris that will end up in your rain water and it is therefore important to clean them out.

The biggest factor is the weather. When new shingles are installed, over time a seal is formed and creates a barrier that are airtight and will stand up to the harshest weather.  Because we replaced your roof in the fall, the shingles are given plenty of time to form that airtight barrier prior to the first freeze or snowfall.

If you have dealt with several roof leaks in the past, it is a mistake to try and get it through another winter and put it off until spring.  Winter can take a small issue and create a bigger, costly issue at another level.  Last year’s issue in Nashville wasn’t the snowfall, but the faulty roofs that were installed and instead created ice dams. Ice dams when begin to thaw have nowhere to go but to linger and instead the sheeting and inside walls begin to soak up all that water. The results can be substantial.

It may be an easy chore to forget about, but if you want to avoid expensive damage to your home, you won’t neglect your gutters. The purpose of your gutters is to get storm water and snow melt away from your home, specifically your foundation, and thwarting that effort can have serious repercussions for your home.

Poor Gutter Maintenance

If your gutters are poorly maintained, water can fall around your foundation and enter your basement or crawl space, which can lead to mold and other water damage. In winter, the water can freeze and actually crack your foundation.

Higher up, if water gets behind your gutters, it can rot out your fascia boards, which in turn puts your gutters at risk of collapse and also provides an opening for animals and more water to find its way into your roof.

Cleaning Your Gutters

This is why it is critical for you to regularly clean your gutters and repair any sagging or broken hangers as soon as you notice them. If you have been neglecting your gutters, you may need to consider completely replacing your gutters depending on the level of damage.

How Often Do I Need To Clean My Gutters

How often gutters need to be cleaned depends on the climate and surrounding landscape. If you live in the Arizona desert, you may be able to go rain gutter maintenanceseveral years, but for those who live where autumn leaves fall, it’s important to clean gutters at least twice a year.

When Is The Best Time To Clean Gutters?

The most important time is in late fall after all or most of the leaves have come down as leaves and twigs cause most clogs in gutters. The other important time for rain gutter cleaning and maintenance is the spring or early summer as pollen, flower petals and seeds such as maple “helicopters” can build up. Also, most deciduous trees drop debris in the spring, so even those of you living in conifer forests aren’t off the hook. Those who live in heavily wooded areas may find it necessary to clear the gutters three or four times a year.

And it’s not just the horizontal gutters you need to worry about. Always make sure the downspout are not clogged and that they are carrying water away from the house foundation