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Drain Unblocking Cost: How Much To Clean A Drain?

At first, a blocked drain may not seem to be a big deal at all; however, in case you allow a drain to remain blocked for a long time, you will certainly understand that it is not a minor but a major problem! Find out more here about drain unblocking costs and the factors that can increase the drain cleaning cost.

drain unblocking costA blocked drain can not only disturb or hamper your regular bathroom and kitchen activities to a certain extent. Still, it can also cause huge trouble by causing pipes to burst, resulting in spending a lot of money to repair and clean the whole mess!

So you see, it is best to keep all your drains away from any blockage issues all the time. In fact, whenever you notice minor drain blockage issues, you must try to use easy and quick unblocking methods. Using chemical mixtures can fix most minor drain blockages; however, if the blockage is big, you should hire a professional drain cleaning service.

Should I attempt to DIY, or should I hire a drainpipe cleaner?

The task of drain cleaning is not only tiresome but also a complicated one. Drain unblocking jobs indeed looks really simple and easy at first sight, but as you know, first impressions can be deceiving. That holds very true in the case of drain repairs because as you start working on it, you realize that it is not such an easy and simple job as you thought so but a rather complicated one. It does not matter whether the cleaning you are performing only consists of the U-bend or involves ladder climbing to reach the external guttering because, at its core, drain cleaning is always dull and repulsive.

Using chemicals as a temporary solution

It is much more likely to have your drains cleaned with the help of descalers or chemicals that can easily find in supermarkets or hardware retail shops. However, such a type of cleaning is a shortcut at best. To clean property your drains for eliminating chances of further blockage, you will often need the help of a professional drain cleaning company/professional.

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Drain unblocking costs

drain cleaning costIf you decide to hire a professional, a preliminary session of inspection is always required. Almost all professional contractors carry out an inspection to determine the size and type of blockage, the extent of cleaning required, and the treatment they need to follow. Drain unblocking costs, on average, from £95 to £145, depending on your requirements and location.

There are various types of services associated with drain cleaning, and each of the services comes with a different cost. For instance, for tackling the issue of toilet blockage, most professionals will charge around £60.

  • Unblocking your bath or sink, on the other hand, will cost between £55 and £65.
  • Complete system scrub costs around £150 – £200. This is the service involving the highest cost when it comes to drain cleaning.

It is widespread to witness price variations in the drain unblocking cost from various companies, as the closer you live to a big city, the more they tend to charge. Also, keep in mind that it is not worth trying to find someone to do the job for cheap because you might end up hiring someone incompetent, the results might be poor.

Drain Jetting Cost

Drain jetting is an effective way of cleaning blocked drains near the toilet and even further down the pipe. The water is stored in a tank and run through a high-pressure hose with a jetting nozzle. Drain jetting costs vary from property to property, but you can expect to pay between £60 -£90. 

CCTV Camera Surveys Cost

CCTV surveys are beneficial and can help diagnose why the blockage has occurred in the first place after jetting and why it keeps blocking. The most common causes are usually a collapsed pipe, a crack, or even tree roots. CCTV camera surveys cost used to be quite high in the past, but the recent year’s prices have become more reasonable. Expert pays between £150 to £300 on average, although several companies might even charge around £300 if you live in London.

  • Several companies offer free pipe CCTV pipe inspections if you purchase their drain jetting service.
  • Always ask for CCTV camera survey quotes from more than one company/professional.
  • Ask to find all extras included in block jetting before assigning the job.
  • If it is not recommended to pay for CCTV inspection, it is the first time the pipe has become blocked.
  • Before hiring any contractor, check if your home insurance covers the cost of drain unblocking.

Dig Ups Cost

A dig-up is usually needed when a UPVC or concrete blockage has cracked or collapsed. Before committing to any offer, make sure you get at least 4 quotes and always ask for CCTV evidence before accepting that the pipe has collapsed and needs to be replaced. Expect to pay around £500 for one’s day work (two-person job)  plus the materials cost. 

Drain Relining Cost

Sometimes might need to have your pipes relined. Pipe relining creates a pipe within a pipe, and it is an effective way of dealing with cracked or blocked UPVC or concrete pipes by creating a pipe within a pipe. Expect to pay from £620 to £850, depending on your location and your specific requirements. The cost of relining a pipe range from £800  to £1200 for a 10-meter section, including jetting and CCTV inspections.

Drain Cleaning/Unblocking Service Providers


This drain cleaning company is a perfect option since there is no call-out fee. They only charge £80 including VAT. In addition, this draining cleaning company offers camera surveys absolutely free of cost in case blockage seems to persist further. From the day of the repair, this free service is provided for up to a period of six months. The areas they cover are:


If you want a quick chemical solution for your issue, Dyno-Rod is probably the best option you have, as the company charges £90 + Vat for rod drain cleaning/unblocking. However, if you require a mechanical solution involving dismantling, you will have to pay between £138 and £145 + Vat.


If you are looking for a plumbing & draining cover that can help you deal with any unexpected problem, then you should look no further than HomeServe. You can apply online for only £78 per year. 

Blocked Drains Nightmare? We can help!    Find local professionals

What Factors Affect the Cost of Dealing with Blocked Drains?

There are several factors to consider when hiring a plumber to clear out a blocked drain.  The main things that will affect cost include:

Price Variations:  The hourly fees charged by plumbers are the largest cause of price variations, which can be based on seasonal and regional factors.

How bad is the blockage?   Obviously, the larger and more complicated the blockage is, the longer it will take the drain cleaner to clear it.  Increased time means increased labor costs.

The number of clogged areas:  Having a single clogged pipe is a lot easier and quicker to resolve than having several clogged-up drains.  This can mean a blockage in the mainline, which takes a lot more time and expertise to resolve.

What has caused the blockage?  The normal culprits like hair, food debris, and so on are easy to remove.  However, if the pipes have corroded and cause blockages, this will incur additional costs in replacing the pipes and the labor time involved.

When to call in the Experts

You don’t always need to hire a drain cleaning company/contractor to unblock your drains, so it is worth looking to see what is going on – look at the location and the cause.  If you are dealing with a blocked kitchen sink, the cause is probably food debris, whereas, in the bathroom, it is likely to be a combination of hair and soap scum. You can try simple methods like using a plunger to get rid of the blockage, and it is always worth trying before you incur the expense of a plumber.

Some blockages are more complicated, and unfortunately, if you have several blockages, this may indicate a problem in the main sewage pipe.  This can be quite serious, resulting in flooding if you continue to pour water down into the blocked pipes. For blockages of this type, you really do need to contact a plumber or a drain cleaning service as a matter of urgency.  Many firms are specializing in emergency drain clearance.

If you have established that you have one isolated problem with a blockage, you can try a few easy DIY techniques before resorting to calling in in a professional.  However, don’t attempt these unless you are confident that you can sort out the problem and are not going to cause any extra, or potentially more severe, problems with your plumbing system:

Grab a plunger:  A plunger creates a seal around the blocked area and uses suction to pull the blockage clear.

Use a good chemical drain cleaning agent:  Severe blockages may need a bit more push to clear, and using a chemical drain cleaner can dissolve debris, sludge, and other nasties inside the pipe. Who should use chemical cleaners with caution as they can burn the skin and may release noxious fumes? It would help if you always used protective equipment when using these cleaners – protective glasses and gloves are essential.  Remember that any acid-based cleaner can also burn and may corrode the pipes. Please read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them to the letter. If you are in any way unsure, call in a professional.

Access and remove your sink trap: Most sinks are installed to access the pipework underneath easily.  If you can get in there, you can remove the trap – a large U-shaped pipe, allowing you to access and clear the blockage.  Make sure you use something to catch any water as you release the trap. Many traps can easily be removed by hand; if not, you may need to use slip-joint pliers or a wrench to remove them.


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