Professional carpet cleaning cost

carpet cleaning costDespite often having paid a substantial amount to carpet their homes very few people professionally clean their carpets despite the fact that almost every carpet manufacturer recommends that this is done once, preferably twice a year. Using a professional carpet cleaner for regular carpet cleaning maintenance, is the best way to increase the life of your carpet, Not only that it also means that they look and feel better in your home.

It is always worthwhile looking for a reputable cleaning company.  In order to protect the carpet from damaging and get the best possible results you ultimately need professional       carpet cleaners who are experienced in tackling dirty floor coverings. Delicate carpets like Persian Rugs or those from India, Asia and South America need to be cleaned with care.  Modern professional cleaning methods help to keep the home environment clean and free from toxins and are kind to the carpets, pets and, of course, to you.

Benefits of carpet cleaning

  1. Carpet cleaning eliminates trapped pollutants

There are all sorts of pollutants that get trapped within a dirty carpet. Some of those mentioned by the Environmental Protection Agency, include lead, dirt, dust, environmental pollution, and pet fleas and dander.  Any airborne gases and other particles can also adhere to these pollutants and become trapped inside the carpet. These are then released by walking on the carpet, or vacuuming your home, causing air contamination.

Professional carpet cleaners use specialist shampoos which combined with high powered vacuum equipment removes even the most deeply trapped pollutants and particles.

  1. Carpet cleaning can clear out dust mite infestations

The steam cleaning which is used by many professional carpet cleaners as part of routine carpet maintenance work means that even the microscopic dust mites can be eradicated.  Although these are found in many homes they are so tiny most homeowners are not aware of them. The problem is that their faeces and their body shells are a cause of allergy in many people.

  Again, due to their size these mites, their faeces and fragments can be inhaled and then cause problems particularly with conditions like asthma.   The high temperatures used by professional carpet cleaners will kill the mites and eradicate the issue.

  1. Carpet cleaning can help prevent mold growth

Dirty carpets can be at risk of developing mould if they are placed in areas where there is high humidity.  The more often the grime is exposed to moisture the more likely this becomes. Once moisture gets in it sinks to the lower layer of the carpet meaning that unless you dry it and vacuum straight away you have a potential mould growth problem.

The high powered tools used by professional carpet cleaners dry the carpets and remove all traces of moistures so regular cleaning can really help to prevent any mould or mildew

growth on your flooring.  If you are performing your own cleaning you can assist drying with the use of fans, dehumidifiers and open windows however, nothing works as well as hiring professional carpet cleaners.

What are the pricing factors?

Square footage – are you carpeting a single room or a whole house, apartment or office?

The area type –  is it just a floor, a wall, or a stair carpet?

Cleaning method – Choices include hot water, steam cleaning of chemical cleans. Stain protection – There may be an added charge for stain protection.

Insecticides – Do you need a special anti-insect treatment added?

Average carpet cleaning prices

Carpet Cleaning pricesThe average cost will vary according to how much cleaning is required.  For example, do you simply want a single 10×10 foot carpet cleaned or a larger area (28×12).  The price will range between £22-£55+ depending on your needs.

The following carpet cleaning prices should only be used as a rough guide. Many cleaning services do occasionally promotions and lower the prices significantly, so you might be able to save a money by simply doing your own research. Also try searching for professional carpet cleaners as they offer better deals.

House size South West London Area
1 bedroom house £75 £110
2 bedroom house £95 £135
3 bedroom house £125 £155
4 bedroom house £155 £190

Carpet cleaning methods


How it works

Encapsulation cleaning is a modern, thorough method of removing dirt from the carpet.  The first stage is the vacuum the carpet and then applying an encapsulating chemical. The carpet is then placed into a rotary agitation machine.  During this stage the chemical isolates the dirt within the carpet fibres. This can then be vacuumed away. This is a long process, needing to be carried out daily for up to 7 days.


  • Accesses the deepest parts of the carpet, leaving it astoundingly clean. Effective and gives amazing results.
  • Encapsulation cleaning is environmentally sound, and has not negative effects on the natural environment, making it not only effective but also eco-friendly.


  • The major disadvantage of encapsulation cleaning is cost – it can be very expensive.
  • You must be able to get a motorized rotary brush.  Without this the solution cannot get deeply enough into the carpet for effective encapsulation to take place.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

How it works

This is a quick and simple cleaning method where a special powder is mixed with solvents and other cleaning agents and applied to the carpet.  After the mixture has been worked deep into the fibres by a machine uses counter-rotating brushes it is left to sit on the carpet for around 10-15 minutes.  This allows it time to absorb any of the soiling in the carpet. After this the mixture is vacuumed up leaving the carpet nice and clean.


  • Easy and quick to use, not specialist training is required.
  • The carpet can be back in use after around 20 minutes – it is a very quick drying solution so it is perfect for busy areas.


  • Can cause problems with powder retention in in plush pile carpets which can build up over time.
  • Can cause more dust to accumulate in the home.
  • Does not deep clean.

Wet Carpet Cleaning

How it works

This method uses steam or hot water to remove dirt from the carpet.  The system uses chemicals which liquefy grime and is particularly helpful on things like soil or oil based products.  The water is near boiling and is injected deep into the carpet fibres under pressure. The solution is then vacuumed away after 10-15 minutes, taking all the deep down dirt and grime with it.


  • Most well known and widely used carpet cleaning method.
  • Very deep cleaning – gets the dirt out from deep in the fibres.
  • High temperature, high pressure and chemical concentrates can be used to get a deep down clean.
  • Allows for leaving the solvents in the carpet for longer if needed eg, for stain removal.
  • Use of specialist tools increases chemical reactions and enhances cleaning. Carpet manufacturing companies, cleaning professionals, and experts in the area recommend this as the number one carpet cleaning method.


  • Longer drying times – however experienced technicians and top of the range equipment can reduce this.
  • To get the best results the top of the range equipment is usually needed so it tends to be expensive.
  • Higher cost issues.

Bonnet Cleaning

How it works

This is a common method used for regular/routine cleaning and maintenance.  Again, the carpet is vacuumed clean and then sprayed with a chemical solution.  This can be applied using a special electric sprayer or a hand pump. The solution must then be left on the carpet for a specific amount of time in order for cleaning to take place.  This is known by carpet cleaning professionals as ‘bonnet cleaning’.


  • Quick, easy, and reasonably cheap.
  • Perfect for use on lightly soiled carpets.


  • Does not deep clean – typically only the top third of the fibres are reached.
  • Allows the accumulation of dirt and residual chemicals at the base of the carpet fibres.

Dry foam or rotary shampoo method

How it works

A foaming cleansing agent is worked deep into the carpet using a specialist machine which utilises rotating brushes.  The foam is left in place for a specific dwell time and then it is extracted using a vacuum cleaner.


  • Inexpensive, quick and simple to carry out.
  • The machine’s rotating brushes agitate the foam to produce excellent cleaning results.
  • Fast drying times – the technique uses very little moisture.


  • Unable to extract dirt from deep down, it works purely on a surface level.
  • Lower temperatures are used reducing cleaning efficiency. Equipment malfunction can lead to excessively wet carpets.

Why hire a carpet cleaner?

Although the homeowner can take various steps to reduce the need to clean the carpets in their home ultimately you want to keep your carpet as clean as possible.  Reducing the use of outdoor shoes in the home, regular cleaning and dealing with stains when they happen can all help but there are certain advantages that you can only get with hiring a carpet cleaner.

Not all carpets and rugs are cut from the same cloth. Professional carpet cleaners know exactly what cleaning method to use for your carpet – wool and synthetic fibres need very different treatments.

You eliminate the need for carpet cleaner rental or buying carpet cleaning machines. Often the machines you can hire or purchase to clean carpets are just not as effective as the industrial machines used by professional cleaners.  Not only can you save time and money but you can also be sure your carpet is a clean as possible.

Retail carpet cleaners don’t have sanitizing systems. Professional cleaners usually have machines that will  kill bacteria, dust mites and even pet fleas that are lodged deep in the carpet.  These are rarely present on the retail versions of the machines which are less effective at cleaning and removing these potential allergens.

Professionals have more understanding of stains and what it takes to remove them. Cleaning professionals know that some stains require a certain product and that using something that isn’t right can actually worsen the stain.  Using a professional means you can relax knowing that they will use the correct methods and protect your carpet from damage.

Some professional cleaners use low-moisture equipment and techniques. Ideally you want as much moisture removed from the carpet as possible to avoid lengthy delays and the potential for mould .

Of course, many, many homeowners opt to do their own carpet cleaning and it can certainly save money if you have the right equipment and knowledge to do it well.  The major downside of this is finding the time to do the cleaning and ultimately, if you do it wrong you and end up spending money twice to have it corrected it could work out more expensive.

To DIY or Not to DIY

Many large supermarkets or home improvement stores offer the option to rent carpet cleaning machines.  These are almost always the hot water type of machine.   Although these machines can work well and you can save the money you would spend on hiring carpet cleaners the fact is that you are not going to get such a good result.  The stand alone units that are used by the professionals will make a noticeable difference and will leave your carpets cleaner than the rental version.  

The best version of the cleaning unit is the truck-mounted cleaner.  These are offered by some professional carpet cleaning services and use the power of the vehicles engine making them a multitude more powerful than the stand alone units.  Because of this power they give out they can stuck up more water and the soiling agents from deep down within your carpet.  The result is not only quicker dry time but also much, much cleaner carpets.  Always check whether the potential cleaning service uses a stand alone or a truck mounted unit before you contract them.

Whatever you ultimately choose, the fact is that if your budget allows you can do no better than hiring carpet cleaning services if you want the best possible results and the cleanest possible carpets in your home.