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Pricing Up New Roofs & Roof Repairs in the UK

Buying a new roof isn’t quite as straightforward as most first timers tend to expect. Not that is isn’t easy enough to get hold of any roof to any specification – suppliers have never been more abundant up and down the UK. The trouble comes in not only securing the best possible quote, but also knowing which type of roof to go for. The costs of the overall purchase and installation will vary enormously in accordance with the choices made by the buyer, so it’s a good idea to understand the options before making a final choice.

pricing a new roof

 The Costs of Quality Roofing

 Very little about the average hem is more important that the quality of its roof. As a barrier from the elements and the most important insulator of the property as a whole, the importance of ensuring a quality roof is fitted cannot be overstated. A poor quality roof will lead to higher energy bills, frequent repairs and an outright replacement in no time at all – it just isn’t worth taking the risk. In terms of costs, it all comes down to the kind of material chosen for the roof and of course the size and nature of the project.  Just a few common examples of standard roofing materials include:

  • Slate Tiles – From about £1 to £2.50 per tile
  • Clay Tiles – From 50p to about 80p per tile
  • Concrete Tiles – – From 60p to £1.50 per tile
  • Timber Roof Shingles – Around £45 per 2.5 square meters
  • Corrugated Metal Sheets – £6 per meter
  • PVC Coated Metal Sheets – £9 per meter

Weighing Up the Total Costs of a New Roof

As you’ll be unable to go about the project yourself, you’ll need to factor labour costs into the final price of the roofing installation. A skilled professional is essential to ensure that the roof it fitted in such a way to ensure it is rock-solid and safe for decades to come. In terms of labour costs, the average UK building firm tends to quote in the region of £150 per day, though this of course varies in accordance with brand quality and the nature of the job. As such, if for example you were looking to have a garage’s roof recovered with felt, you might be looking at a cost in the region of £900 when incorporating four days of labour, the costs of the materials and any extras. As for the home, replacing the entire roof with a new covering of tiles is likely to set the average homeowner back around £3,000 when labour and materials are added together.

 Pricing Up Roof Repairs

To repair a roof will usually cost a great deal less than installing a new roof outright, though it again depends on the scale of the job. Regardless of the work to be undertaken, it’s of paramount importance to get at least a handful of quotes before deciding on a roofing company. You might also consider reading the following:

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