Popular Roofing Designs & Styles : Hip, Curved..

roofing designs
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How to choose the best roofing styles for your home

There are different factors that lead someone to choosing a particular roofing style and design. These may range from the availability of building material, the cost of construction, purpose of the building and climate of the area. Flexible building materials are mostly used to build curved roofs while the rigid ones used to build solid line roofs. A landmark building will inspire a more complex type of roofing while an ordinary home will inspire relatively humble roofing. The roofing type is likely to determine the structural design of the building.

The following are some of the roofing designs and styles of roofing:

Hip roofing designs

The most popular materials used in this are metals and concrete tiles. The roof meets all the walls and they are connected horizontally with a joint. This kind of roof tends to have eaves while the gutters run fully on one side of the building. The design is more popular in Australia. The eaves of the roof held to shade the windows. This improves the cooling of the house in hot seasons. The strength of this design is amazing as it can withstand strong winds than any other type of roof. There are various types of hip roofing. These include; belcote, broken hip and valley and lastly hip and valley.

Curved roofs

hip roof sylesThey take a variety of forms and hence mainly use flexible material in their construction. Curved roofs may utilize small curves to replace the sharp edges or may entail uniformly curved structure that spreads across the roof of the entire house. Curved transition is a form that curved transition is within two flat surfaces. 180 double vaults is a uniform curved shaped like a semi-circle.


They are affordable, easy and fast method of roof construction than any other method. They are more like hip roofs but their pitch is more noticeable. Their designs include the oval-shaped, butterfly and circular designs. The construction material for this kind of roofs are usually streamlined because the roofs tend to have a steeply pitch and they are perfect in drainage system.

Mansard roofing designs

It is an ideally popular design in France. They usually have a space beneath the roof to be used as an attic. This kind of building style is unusual and will have a distinctive and attractive look on your home. Slate tiles and wooden shingles are the usual building material for this design of construction.

Domed roof designs

These are the kind of roofs that assume the shape of a dome with a variation of a cone and onion shape. They are high and mostly durable and strong structural designs. The design is optically appealing from both inside and outside the structure. Cooper, plastic, glass, fibre and ice are the most suitable material used in construction of this skillful structure.  This is a suitable option to the home owners that are seeking energy efficient and wind proof homes. 

Clerestory roofing designs

chestory roof style
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The main feature in this type of roofing design is the row of clerestory panes between two roofing planes. This is convenient for air and light circulation in the room. This design uses any type of roofing construction material because the roofing material depends on climate and the size and style of the home.

 Arched roof design & construction

This is a combination of engineering beauty and perfect architectural skills. This design assumes the arch abilities by placing the roofing on a series of parallel arches. The structure creates a space called the vault. These types of roofing style are very ornamental and are used to make particular historic view of a home. Although they can be made of steel and concrete, they were traditionally constructed using stones and wood.

Sawtooth roofs

The same way the name suggests, the roofing designs of this structure appear to look like saw-teeth. The vertical sides of the roofing are fitted with glass panels to provide good light circulation inside the structure during the day. Ideally, the design structure was to meet the needs of factories and warehouses construction as it allows sunlight into the structure hence reducing problems such as glare and over-heating. The roofing is usually made from metal and well reflective finishing should be considered during construction.