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Whether you need your front room repainted or an entire interior makeover, our professional local painters and decorators will be able to help you out. With their expertise, skills and experience they will be able to transform the look and feel of your home in a matter of days.

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Hire a Local Painter & Decorator Near Me

Painting your home can be more difficult than you think, leading to problems such as grinning, flaking and wrinkling. To avoid this, hire a professional painter who will apply their knowledge and experience to create the best results in your property. A further benefit of hiring a local painter and decorator is that they do all the tough, time-consuming work for you – saving you precious time and effort – as well as providing a quality finish.

Benefits of Hiring A Professional Painter & Decorator

There are a number of other benefits of hiring a professional local painter and decorator  including the following:


Hiring a professional painter is the perfect solution for those of us who are already unable to juggle work commitments, looking after their children and general day-to-day chores and activities. By leaving the job to a properly trained expert your room(s) or property exterior can be painted in days rather than weeks, saving you time and unnecessary stress.

Complex Paint Jobs

A professional is also fully trained to deal with more complex paint jobs, for either residential, commercial or industrial buildings. This includes reaching high and/or vaulted ceilings; stripping wallpaper and scraping off old paint; protecting doors and windows from unsightly splashes and stains as they go; or even painting in more aesthetically complex styles, such as whitewashing or rag rolling.

Exterior Painting

Painting exterior surfaces, whether on the main property or on sheds and garages, can also seem a little daunting if you’ve had no previous experience; a professional will be able to provide the most durable paints and any protective oils or varnishes needed to decrease the rate of weathering.

Materials & Equipment

A local painter and decorator will also provide all their own materials and the proper equipment necessary for a quality finish to your property, including the correct tools, sprays, brushes, rollers and even a ladder – saving you the trouble of hiring one. They will also be able to purchase paint at cheaper, wholesale prices from contacts you can’t get hold of yourself – which will reduce your budget even further.

Expert Advice

Expert painters are often trained in the field of interior decoration too – meaning that they will be able to offer tips and suggestions for your aesthetic choices that you might not otherwise have considered. Does the colour, for instance, complement the overall décor of the room? Are there certain shades or painting ‘effects’ (such as stencilling) that might be particularly suitable for the look you’re aiming at? A professional painter will be able to help you out of these predicaments with free and helpful advice – and usually at no extra cost.

Drawing up a contract with your painter

Before you hire a house painter near you, decide on which surfaces you need painting, which colours and designs you want, how many coats of paint are to be applied and which techniques, for instance, sponging, you wish to be used. Draw up a contract laying out all of these requirements.

The contract should also state how much the job costs, how long it will take to complete and how much you will be paying, when and how. The painter should be responsible for the clean-up once the job is completed and the removal of splashed paint from surfaces like windows and doors, but make sure this is specified in the contract.

Some house painting jobs will require the removal of unwanted tiles or wallpaper beforehand; you can either do this yourself or agree in the contract that the painter will remove them for you. Before the painter arrives you should move all furniture out of the area or bunch it together in the centre of the room, making sure it is well covered by drop cloths, in order to protect it from stray flecks of paint.

What to Look for in Painting and Decorating Contractors

Trade associations

The main UK trade association for this industry is the Painting and Decorating Association. They understand that customers have certain concerns when trying to find a painter and decorator, and do their very best to address these concerns.

In order for local painters and decorators to be accepted into the Painting and Decorating Association, they must fulfil certain requirements as well as being subject to rigorous vetting. They must also provide evidence to show they have been working in the industry for a minimum of five years. So if you are looking for a qualified, experienced painting and decorating contractor, check if they are a member of the Painting and Decorating Association.

Professional qualifications

When searching for home decorators you may first overlook the need for professional qualifications. However, professional qualifications such an NVQ painting and decorating certificate prove a certain level of competence and skill that should reassure you of their ability to perform the job with confidence. Insurance like any other traders, you should look for painting and decoration contractors who have full public liability insurance. This will ensure that should any accidents happen, you and your home will be fully compensated. Ask to see a copy of this certificate for complete peace of mind.

Preparing before the painter arrives

Before you create a contract with your the local painter you have chosen to work with, you should decide what works need to be done. Decide which have to be painted, what colours are going to be used, how many coats need to be applied as well as which painting techniques will be employed, such as sponging.

If you need old wallpaper or tiles removed beforehand, make sure you either do it yourself or check with your painter whether they will be able to carry out this kind of work. Make sure to place furniture in another room if possible, or at least move it to the centre of the room and completely cover it with drop cloths.

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