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Paint and Render Costs & Prices Comparison

JOHT_Covaplus_VinylHere are the comparison of paint prices of some of the respective paint companies, like the Delux paint, Johnstone’s paint, Leyland paint, Farrow and Ball paint, crown paint, and hammerite paint. The purpose of this comparison is to help customers choose which has the best quality paint they would buy. I have here the list of prices each company have.

Delux Trade

Delux trade paint price is £49.99, much higher compared to other leading brands. But the question is, is it a quality paint? Based on our research Delux is a quality paint however, Dulux suffers from inconsistency in terms of quality. Sometimes you get a good tin, sometimes it can be powdery. To guarantee a hard finish that can be wiped if knocked, you have to go for the diamond hard finish. The problem with this is that the diamond finish range is small and comes with a higher price tag.


Johnstone’s paint is ₤ 22.00, out of all of the manufactures, Johnstones have made the biggest improvements in recent years, seemingly blazing a trail in paint technology. Consumer’s recently used Johnstones trade emulsion, which covered so well that we only needed 10 liters where I expected to use 20. I was dumbstruck. In a good way. Johnstone despite of their cheap cost paints, at least they made improvements, and made higher quality product paint.

While Farrow and Ball

While Farrow and Ball paint price ₤ 22.00, have a policy of only manufacturing paint with low VOC content, meaning they do not have any oil based paints. The main problem here is with colours like creams (and other shades which still require a white undercoat) the paint does not cover very well and can leave streaks. In this case two top coats are needed as well as an undercoat.


Crown paint price is ₤ 15.49. Like Dulux, suffers from inconsistencies with quality and price. To make it even more difficult, they have different ranges– alongside the standard emulsions, they have Period and Modern ranges; which I do think are good.


Leyland paint price is ₤ 15, is thick and gives superb coverage. It is excellent value for money. Do not be surprised when receiving the parcel as it is extremely heavy but at least Leyland provide a handle in once unpackaged.


And lastly Hammerite price is ₤ 6.99, this can covered a couple of double gates as well as a single garden gate, without any problem. Very quick drying – on a grey overcast day it was touch dry in approx 1 hour and totally dry in just a couple of hours.

The prices of paints list above are just examples of some of their products. Obviously Delux trade paint had the most expensive paint price, while Farrrow and ball paint and Johnstone paint are just in the same prices, as well as the Crown paint and Leyland paint, and the cheapest of all is the Hammerite.

Rendering External Walls:

external wall renderingRenderers charge by square meters. Depending on your location and the rendering service you choose, their rates, including materials, can vary from around ₤30m2 to ₤50m2 for a single storey home and will be slightly higher for a two storey home. Some estimates are as low as £15m2, but that is based on a single renderer working at a discount rate. Now I will compare the cost and prices of the Weber, Lime, and Acrylic.

Costs & Prices Comparison

A popular Do It Yourself external rendering option is Weber. A 25 kg bag of ready-mixed Weber that is concrete-based, weather-resistant adhesive will cost nearly ₤ 8.95 and you can use it on nearly all kinds of breeze-block/brickwork external walls. While lime render the exterior seem to start at ₤ 100/m2 which seems to be terribly high, well ₤ 100 is a pretty reasonable price.

Plain three coat lime render is about ₤ 55-60/ m2 +VAT and oak lath around the same again. Cheaper to use larch or softwood and cheaper to have two coat work, rather than three. And acrylic, one of the most popular and durable render coating systems on the market, that provides you with many options from texture finishes to colour, water resistance and more importantly flexibility that reduces cracking on your exterior façade. It cost, Single storey -11.5 k- 14k Double storey 15.5– 18k.

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