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Organize Your Garage the Proper Way

If you find yourself constantly battling with your mind to remember where you put that weed eater, painting supply, or hammer, it is definitely the moment when you stop wasting your minutes, and get your garage organized! You see, you may even end up with additional garage space you craved for so dearly!

Before taking action, have a plan

At first, make a plan by keeping the action for later. Brainstorm how you can organize the space as best as you can, instead of moving things from here to there without any real plan. The time you will save by doing this is plenty. A typical garage is used for storing one or more vehicles, and household items such as sports equipments, seasonal decors and lawn tools. Chances are, you may end up wanting a place for automobile repairing, or physical training too. So determine what needs you have, and then measure the dimensions of your garage. Draw a sketch on a graph paper using the measurements, and divide the region into smaller ones for different needs.

Make the garage empty

Have the garage space clear by drawing out all the things. Start from a corner, and keep moving. The moment you pick up an object, decide whether you are really going to use that object or not. You should keep in your mind that Keep, Donate, Sell and Trash it is your main purpose. Organize the items that fall under the Keep category by type. For instance, keep all your tools in one place, while keeping all the sports equipments in another place. If you find a large number of items ending up in the Trash pile, get a dumpster in rent to get rid of them. If the organization process takes more than a day, have a mobile storage unit for temporary use so that you can keep important items in a secure place.

Finish the final touch

Having sorted out the objects, it is time for regrouping the items. Do not simply store the items back; instead, clean the garage thoroughly before you even attempt to do that. Sweep the floor nicely, clean all the dirt, polish with damp cloth, remove cobwebs, apply fresh paint and do every other thing necessary. Have a look at each of the groups, and match the groups with your graph sketch to ensure that you are doing everything properly. Think of some storage products for items of each group. Wall pegboards work well when you need to store small tools. You may draw outlines on the board for each and every tool so that each item is returned in its own place after use. You can hang bulky things such as kayaks, camping items, and bikes in the ceiling. With the help of overhead metal-shelved racks for the ceiling, storing seasonal items, or rarely used things is easy. Use bins which are transparent to see the things inside without opening the bin. For added safety, use locked cabinets to store chemicals, paints and other toxic items so that children can never reach such items. To maximize your garage space vertically, you can use free-standing shelves. Customizing your storage with the help of adjustable hooks of wall storage systems is pretty helpful too.

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