It may seem absurd to some folks under these tough economic circumstances, but effective improvements in the office space can amount to a lot when it comes to boosting productivity or enhancing work vibe. A fresh looking office captivates your visitors, improves staff morale as well as your overall work environment.

The task of proper office refurbishing is not an easy one though, so going for a professional is certainly your best option. If you proceed, initially, a consultation session may take place with a specialist of office design.

Normally, people do not have any specific idea in mind regarding office space designing. Therefore, professionals ask many questions to determine the requirements. After that, a plan is prepared based on budget, number of people in the office, size of the building, type of business etc. Note that it is vital that the office identity is reflected in the final design work, for instance, a typical advertising agency may look best with loud colours and eye-catching designs, which may not be the case with a financial office.

Actually, most of the time, when the initial work starts and questions are asked, the clients realize that the whole refurbishing process is much deeper than what it seems to be! Commonly, 2D and 3D models are presented before starting the final work.

As a matter of fact, for the most part, refurbishing involves the following office areas:

The ceilings

Ceilings of suspended variety work well when it comes to hiding wires and other things. Moreover, heat is saved as well with such type of ceilings. Besides, power and data can be provided straight from the office ceiling itself!

The partitions

With the help of partitions, office area can be separated from leisure area. If there is a requirement for some extra space for a particular job, that can be done too with added amount of privacy.

The furniture

A report submitted by the Health and Safety Executives or HSE suggests that workstations having a size of 11 cubic meters work best. Not only back strain should be minimized, but neck pain and wrist strains are to be decreased too. Refurbishing ensures installation of comfortable, stylish, and top quality furniture.

The storage

A typical office demands a huge amount of files and documents to be stored. In such a circumstance, professionals have to work extra hard in order to maximize storage capacity.

The equipments

As a typical office comes with lots of electrical equipments such as fax machines, laptops, printers and more, proper wirings having access to power outlets have to be taken care of.

The lightings

During the day, natural light works as a motivator very often. Hence, it is the responsibility of a design agency to install specialized glasses and panels which are light reflective in order to maximize natural light and minimize artificial light use. Also, more often than not, old lights are replaced with suitable modern ones.

The temperature

According to HSE, the minimum temperature has to be around 16 degrees Celsius in a certain office in which sitting jobs are more prevalent. Considering that, air conditioners, ventilations and other stuff are required to be fitted accordingly.

Sustainable energy and recycling

Sustainable energy use and recycling have become more common than ever, and modern offices try to utilize the power of this trend too. Therefore, in order to improve recycling capabilities and sustainable energy use, materials are to be used carefully.

How much should you pay for refurbishing the office?

There is no fixed price for office refurbishment. Each case is different from others. Mostly though, the cost depends on how much refurbishment is to be done. If lots of things like carpets, ceilings, lights, furniture etc. are needed to change, the cost can definitely prove to be huge!

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