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gas boiler replacementA new gas boiler is one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to heat your property. Our Gas Boiler Pricing Guide will help you learn why you might want to choose a gas boiler, the prices and costs involved, installation versus replacement costs, servicing and repair costs, how much it costs to run a gas boiler, and related regulations and grants.

Why choose a gas boiler?

According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, 69% of homes in the UK heat with gas, making it far more popular than oil, electric, coal or solid fuel heating. Gas is the cheapest, most efficient option for home heating as well as being usually the most convenient; the vast majority of homes in the UK are connected to the gas mains.

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) says that installing a new, efficient gas boiler can help your bank balance and the environment, saving up to £300 a year and 1,220kg of CO2, depending on what kind of boiler you’re replacing.

Prices for gas boilers

new gas boiler costGas boilers are by far the most popular type in the UK, so there are a number of different models and makes to choose from. The final cost of your new gas boiler will ultimately depend on the type of unit you choose and the quality of your chosen brand. We spoke to a number of different providers and manufacturers to find out just how much a conventional, condensing gas system boiler would be, and they provided us with the following figures (which don’t include installation costs):

  • British Gas –  £1,500 to £3,800 (the higher end prices include boiler, new radiators, expert thermostatic controls and a preliminary check for easy installation)
  • Npower –  £800 to  £2,000 (although in an effort to match the government benefit schemes available to those on income support, npower are currently offering boiler deals for as little as £200 to £400)
  • Baxi –  £600 to £1,000 for boilers with a 24 to 30 kilowatt (kW) Heat Output Rating
  • Vaillant –  £750 to £1,400 (including eco-friendly options, and with a Heat Output Rating of 24 to 36 kW)
  • Worcester Bosch £800 to £1,700 (with a 28 to 44 kW Heat Output Rating)

There are a huge number of different gas suppliers and other boiler manufacturers you can get in contact with to find out just how much a new gas boiler will cost. When you collect quotes, don’t forget to find out exactly what is included in your final contract, for instance check whether the price includes a warranty and annual service checks. Whatever you choose, don’t be tempted to purchase a second-hand or knock-off model; the low price might seem appealing, but you’re likely to end up with an inefficient boiler.

The most popular type of combi boiler in the UK is the standard gas-fuelled model. These units don’t take nearly as long to heat homes as traditional system boilers do because you don’t need to store any hot water. This means you can get rid of the old water tank, which frees up space in the attic or airing cupboard.

You can purchase a gas fueled combi boiler from three major sources:

  1. Your existing energy supplier – such as British Gas or Npower, who can usually provide you with a new combi boiler quickly and with minimum fuss. We contacted both of these service providers and they provided us with the following quotes for a standard quality, middle-of-the-range gas combi-boiler (prices still dependent on model):

    – British Gas combi boilers cost between £650 and £2,000
    – According to Npower, gas combi boilers cost between £800 and £1,550
  2. A trusted plumbing or heating company in your local area, or an equally respected national business who specialise in providing new or replacement boilers. You can usually find trusted providers by talking to friends or relatives who have recently had boilers fitted or replaced. Or you can always contact aUK Tradesmen through us, most companies will be more than happy to provide a free quote for the cost of a gas combi boiler
  3. You can also buy a gas combi boiler directly from the manufacturer or from retail outlets; shop around to secure the best deal.  According to Which?, combi boiler prices can be estimated according to make and model as follows:

    – Baxi –  £500 to £900
    – Ideal Logic – £550 to £800
    – Vaillant –  £800 to £1,000
    – Worcester Bosch – £750 to £1,500
    – Grant Vortex – £1,400 to £2,200

These combi boiler units usually come with expert temperature controls and a standard instruction manual, and compared to old system boiler are extremely energy efficient.  So, even if the price of the new model itself doesn’t look that appealing, you are bound to end up saving on fuel costs on your energy bills within a matter of months.

Although most gas companies or boiler manufacturers offer a single fee that covers both the cost of your boiler and installation, you might find that purchasing the unit and paying for installation separately could help you to save a bit of extra cash.

After all, most companies will simply work out the final fee by adding a single flat rate to the price of your new gas boiler – which is pretty unfair if yours will take a couple of hours less to install than a larger or more intricate model.

Of course, shopping around twice over for the best deals can be tiring, and sometimes more bother than it’s worth; fortunately, we have spoken to a number of well-known gas companies and found separate installation quotes based on the size and make of your chosen gas boiler – so you don’t have to!

The following gas companies and energy providers came back to us with gas boiler installation costs:

  • British Gas – charge £3,400 (cash price) for new gas boiler installation. Baxi boilers cost the cheapest to install while installing a Worcester Bosch boiler comes in at the higher end of the scale
  • E.ON – say their gas boiler installation costs range from £1,200 to £1,800
  • EDF Energy –  offer gas boiler installation for £1,000 to £2,300 (although installation is usually cheaper if purchased alongside the boiler)
  • Npower – charge around £2,000 for gas boiler installation. You can however get an additional £400 to £800 reduction under the npower boiler scrappage scheme if you are getting rid of an older model.

By using the quotes provided, you should be able to work out if purchasing your new gas boiler and covering installation costs separately works out cheaper or more expensive than under a single flat fee. It may sound a little more complicated than just getting the work done all in one go, but if you’re trying to keep costs down (and as long as you confirm these quotes with the most up-to-date prices) then you could be in for a surprising amount of savings!

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