Most common home pest infections

Lace_Webbed_Spider,_Amaurobius_SimilisAren’t the creepy crawlies homeowner’s worst nightmare? Pests can transmit diseases, damage your property and problems will only get worse if you don’t treat them on time. When it comes to mammals, rodents tend to cause the most damage in Cardiff area, but pest controllers in Cardiff deal not only with rodents, but insects and even some bird species that can cause an infestation. If your home gets compromised by pests, best thing to do is get immediate help from professional pest control services in Cardiff. What can you expect? We made a list of the most common pests and dangers they cause, with emphasis on Cardiff area.


The most common pests to be found in Cardiff homes are rats, house mice, and grey squirrels. Rats and mice are historically known to be transmitters of epidemic diseases. They often transmit life-threatening infections like hantavirus, typhus and Lyme disease. Rodents can also contaminate food and home surfaces with feces and other diseases they carry.

Bed bugs

They are not considered a public health hazard, but their blood sucking bites cause itching and swelling of the skin, while sometimes even a serious allergic reaction. These insects are very hard to get rid of without the help of Cardiff exterminators, for that reason, struggling with the infestation is known to cause insomnia and anxiety.


Bees can infest your homes, sheds, and attics and pose a serious health hazard, since a significant number of people are allergic to bee, wasp and hornet stings. In such a case, a single tiny sting might turn out to be deadly. For non-allergic people, when stung, the venom usually causes painful, swollen and itchy areas. If you see them in numbers, buzzing around your home, call pest control services in Cardiff to get rid of them.


If your pets are scratching heavily, they can be infested with fleas. These tiny blood suckers can cause a severe infestation, jumping from host to host easily and growing in numbers. If everyone starts scratching, get immediate help from a pest exterminator in Cardiff. Flea bites mostly trigger allergic reactions and are very itchy. Fleas might be dangerous because they can cause tapeworms and typhus.


When a fertilized female fly locates a spot to lay her eggs in, your home can be swarming with flies in no time. Houseflies might transmit diseases and bacteria like dysentery and food poisoning. Some species of flies which tend to bite can spread a variety of diseases through human blood.


Rouch feces (video), body parts and saliva cause allergic reactions, especially in children. Asthmatics tend to be very sensitive to cockroach allergies. They regularly spread bacteria like Salmonella, E. Coli, parasitic worms, and other pathogens. Cockroaches are very resilient. If your ”do it yourself” efforts of removing them fail, pest control companies in Cardiff are qualified to make sure they leave your premises.


Although these creepy-crawlies can be beneficial in removing other insects, if their numbers grow, they can turn your daily day to day routine to a horror movie plot. Spiders cause pathological fear in some people, while no one can be indifferent to a basement filled with thousands of crawling menaces. By luck, only half dozen spider species are actually poisonous in the UK.


Even though they don’t spread any diseases, termites are ravenous eaters. They will ruin your household furniture and can even cause serious damage to the home infrastructure, drilling trough support beams. Even though this pest primarily feeds on wood, they will damage paper, books and insulation.

If you think you might have a pest infestation problem there are numerous tips on how to fight it yourself, depending from the kind of pests in question.

Hire A Professional Pest Controller in Cardiff

However, pests are called that for a reason. They can often prove to be extremely hard to get rid of. Attempts to exterminate them yourself can also be dangerous if including the use of dangerous matters like poisons and pesticides. For that reason, some things, like pest infestations are best left to professionals. Experienced exterminators from professional pest control companies in Cardiff have quick and simple ways to remove pest infestations from your home, and restore your safety and inner peace.