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Most common boiler problems – Boiler faults diagnosed

Below is a list of the most common problems that your boiler  may encounter. Remember boiler troubleshooting can be tricky and sometimes dodgy most common boiler problemswork so if at any point you doubt your ability; it is definitely worth hiring an engineer as safety must remain paramount.

I can hear a hissing/banging noise coming from the boiler or pipes at my home

This problem could be due to one or a few of these factors, which normally results from the system overheating.

      • Build up of lime scale: this is caused by hard water and can be treated by turning off the boiler, treating the system with a lime scale removal product, draining, flushing and then restarting the whole system.
      • Problem with thermostat: to fix this, you will need to shut the boiler down but leave the pump working in order to pump water around the system which will cool it quickly. Once the boiler is cool enough, try to use the boiler thermostat control. If it doesn’t click there is most likely a problem with the thermostat and an engineer should be called out to look at it in more detail.
      • Chimney blockage: if you are using a solid fuel boiler this could well be the case, the solution is nice and simple though; just give it a sweep!
      • Lack of water in system: in order to check this you will need to shut down the boiler and then check the feed and expansion tank (usually located in the loft). If it is empty the valve may be stuck. If this isn’t the case, check that the mains water supply is still on and that the pipes aren’t frozen – the latter is obviously only a problem in very cold weather conditions.

My boiler  just won’t work

If your boiler simply won’t work it could be due to a number of reasons, a few troubleshooting ideas are listed below.

    • Pilot light has gone out: this is a problem specific to gas boilers. The light can be relit but you will need to consult your boilers manual as different types of boilers will have different instructions. If you relight it and it won’t remain lit, it could possibly be a problem with the thermocouple (this is a device which is used to shut off the gas supply if the pilot light fails). If this is faulty it will disable the flow of gas in order to stop an explosive build up in the boiler. You will need to contact a boiler engineer to fix this problem.
    • Boiler thermostat too low: this could be misleading you into believing the boiler isn’t working, however easily remedied; simply turn it up!
    • Timer or programmer not set correctly: simply test and reset. However if the problem continues the timer or programmer could be broken so you will need to hire an engineer.
    • Not enough water pressure: combination boilers normally have a filling loop; this allows extra water to be injected under the mains pressure from the mains water supply. However, if the pressure falls below a preset level your boiler may no longer work. Pressure levels should be checked frequently, consult your boiler manual for more information on your boilers ideal pressure levels and how often they should be checked.

It is of the upmost importance that you contact a qualified boiler engineer if you are unsure or do not feel able at any point. Boiler repairs can be very confusing and dangerous so if you do feel out of your depth it is best left with a professional heating engineer.

How much does boiler repair cost in Birmingham?

It depends on a multitude of factors; however you can expect to pay anything from £50 upwards of £200 for boiler repairs. Remember to ring at least three different registered engineers to compare their quotes and ensure you find the best one.

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