If you want a strong and waterproof option for your fence panels, then metal fencing is the best way. This is a secure way to protect your home and mark a boundary. This is robust fencing along with the cost-effective and perfect choice for anyone with a tight budget.

  • Metal fencing types: Aluminium, wrought iron, and steel are the most common metals used for fencing.
  • Aluminum: The best choice for strict budget as it is cheaper than the other three. Along with being cost-effective, aluminum does not rust easily. This makes a good choice for the high rainy areas. Metal fence of aluminum is also the best choice for pool fencing due to its rust-free nature. You can also use various colors to paint the aluminum metal fence.
  • Wrought Iron: Tough and malleable form of iron used for traditional, aesthetic, and classic custom design offense. This is a bit costly option but adds elegance to metal fencing. This metal fencing is always galvanized to keep rust-free and to maintain color.
  • Steel: The most popular choice among the metal fence panels and available in various types as welded wire, chain link, woven mesh, and picket style fencing. Steel metal fence panels are durable, strong, and long-lasting.
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Designs of metal fencing

You can pick the design of metal fencing from interlocking post and rail fencing or chain link metal fencing.

  • Post-metal garden railings: This type of fencing is mostly used for decorative metal garden fencing. This cost a little bit extra, but a great choice for the attractive decoration of the garden. Generally, metal garden fencing protects the vegetables and flowers in the garden from pets or critters. The price varies according to the spacing between posts and thickness of metal posts. Who can also use garden wire, garden hex wire, and garden netting for garden metal fencing?
  • Stelling metal garden railings: This structure provides a traditional attractive design and little extra security by implementing finials on the railing.
  • Bow top metal railings: Mostly used for industrial purposes and look great for residential or garden fencing purposes. The semicircular top of the railing gives a great design option for residential or garden railings.
  • Chain link fencing: This is not the most designer option for fencing but offers an easy setup and practical approach to security.

Installation of metal fence

Metal fence installation can be really challenging as this project may include digging holes in hard ground and a lot of tricky such as checking the post level. That is why you need to be trusted professional tradespeople for installing a metal fence. Many metal fence suppliers are available online to guide metal fence installation according to requirements.

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