House Refurbishment Tips To Double Your Property’s Value

Perhaps you want to move to a different state which demands selling of your house; or maybe, you just moved to a new house. Whatever the case, the following simple tips will give you an idea regarding enhancing your property value:

Use the benefit of extension

An extension such as a loft, conservatory, garage or basement conversion not only gives you plenty of quality living space, but represents your home as more expensive to buyers. Such type of an extension may increase your property value by as much as £4,000 or £5,000. However, note that your location and the typical values of the houses near you play a huge role in the final value enhancement.

Refurbish parts of the house

One of the quickest and easiest ways to make your property expensive is by refurbishing either the bathroom or the kitchen. En suit bathrooms are totally in demand and so are high end kitchens. Besides, you don’t really need to do a total makeover if you don’t want to. Just replace old tiles with new ones and change your kitchen countertop for adding new shine. Additionally, you can make use of recycled materials too by mixing the same with old features to create a beautiful look.

Embrace energy efficient technologies

Making use of energy efficient appliances and methods will reduce your electricity and other bills in no time. To make things more interesting, the cost of your house will go up too! A simple change like insulation of cavity wall can save you almost £120 per year. Whereas loft insulation will save around £155 yearly, making use of a new A-rated boiler instead of a boiler manufactured more than a decade before will save one third of your fuel expenses.

Utilize the power of redecoration

The power of redecoration is amazing when it comes to saving money. You see, simple tasks like putting new wallpaper over the wall, painting the front door, laying the driveway in a new way, removing all those clutter to free up more space etc. will improve the property value significantly. On an average, the value increase usually nears £2,000!

Perform renewable energy installations around the house

Another thing or aspect comes handy when it comes to saving some extra cash, and that is renewable energy. Such an installation will very much help when it comes to saving some cash, as installation of a whole new micro-generation system is very money friendly. For instance, if you end up installing modern heat pumps or solar panels, you will immediately start receiving free energy. With such technologies, the benefits you get are huge, and environmental issues are eliminated as well. And as you may already know, you obtain around eight percent of solid return on your investment too as the government is running a nice scheme related to solar PV! Over 80% people believe that the regular running house expenses are in no way to be ignored, and so, installation of free energy will definitely boost the cost of your house!